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Screenshot of the entire Coral Island as your main character reaches the dock on Day one.

Coral Island is a vast expanse of a game, making it somewhat challenging to focus on the best way to farm some coins to keep your town flourishing and your farm upgraded. The shipping container located on your farm is the key to making coins quick, as you put things you'd like to sell in there and they will be exported while you sleep! In this Coral Island money-making guide, we will cover some of the best ways to make some fast cash, as well as methods that are available at all times in order to make a supplemental income while the seasons change. 

How to Make Money in Coral Island

There are many moving parts within Coral Island. You have a farm to tend to and upgrade, ore to mine, fish to catch, flowers to pick, food to make, and townsfolk to save! It seems as though no matter how much you farm for ingredients and materials, you are always missing the capital needed to get that next upgraded tool. Here are a few ways to consistently make money in Coral Island regardless of the season or time of day:

Screenshot of main character fishing off of a pier in Coral Island, with a regular fishing rod


Of course, fishing is one of the ways to bring in some fast cash, as it is accessible and you are able to fish from the moment you land on the island. Once you finish the quest to meet with the townsfolk at Sunny's Beach Shack, you will get both a fishing pole and a bug-catching net. You are able to fish in almost any open water within the game, though you will not see fish swimming in the water. They will just appear at random times as you watch your bobber in the water, so leave your line out and be patient. Each fish will sell for a different price, but it is still a very consistent way to make money by just tossing your line out and reeling in a big one. 

Screenshot of the character menu in Coral Island, showing the coffer located in the players bag which may hold valuable items to sell for fast coins

Artifacts from Coffers

While these are slightly more difficult to acquire than fish, they are still abundant throughout the island. These coffers are mainly found in piles of trash and can be brought to the blacksmith who will break them open for around 20 coins per coffer.

One of the best places to grab coffers is in the ocean! You will get a quest pretty early on that brings you to Ling, the scientist on the island, who gives you a diving suit to help her out with cleaning up an oil spill below the surface. Once you complete the quest, she gifts you the suit free of charge as a thank you. 

You will find several, we're talking massive amounts, of trash on the ocean floor. Using your scythe, you will clear the trash piles one by one and as you do, there is a random chance that coffers will drop out of them. The drop rate is pretty decent, so while it may take a bit to snag a handful, it's worth it in the long run. The coffers can hold gems, artifacts, or even useful resources which can all be sold for a profit through your farm's shipping container.

Keep in mind, though, that you can also donate artifacts to the museum to progress the story, so it may be best to hold off if you really want to delve deeper into the lore. 

Screenshot of the character menu showing a fire agate gem that can be sold via the shipping container for coins


Gems are another great way to gain coins in abundance, as they can be found within the Caverns, also known as the Mine. The mine opens up within a few days on your new farm, as the island's main coal mining character just shows up at your doorstep randomly to tell you where the mine is located. As you go deeper and deeper through the levels of the mine, you will find not only gems from the bright green rocks, but you can find them inside barrels, boxes, and drops off of monsters that look down there. Plus, you will be able to mine ore down there, which comes in handy later on down the line, so it's killing two birds with one stone. 

Make sure you go into the mine fully stocked up on food, because you blow through energy pretty quickly until you upgrade your pickaxe. Not to mention there are monsters down there, which do cause you to take a bit of damage if they hit you. 

Best Way to Make Money in Coral Island

Thus far, farming is 100% the best way to make money in Coral Island, as you can do it almost year-round. The seasons do change, which changes which crops can be planted and harvested at that time, so there isn't a concrete crop to farm non-stop for the most bang for your bug. Seeds are relatively cheap, but some crops take 5-10 days to grow, which makes the farming process a little more tedious. Keep in mind that you cannot plant any seeds during the winter time, so use the previously mentioned methods to keep money flowing. 

You can purchase seeds from Sam's General Store, and he will only sell crops that are in season at that time so it does make it easier to know which ones will grow during that particular season. Personally, we choose the ones with the fastest growing time, and plant as many as possible. Upgrading your watering can also help with the process, and putting skill points in the foraging tree helps yield more crops.

More so, you can do research at the lab with things you acquire from searching the ocean, such as bronze kelp and glass, to upgrade the seeds Sam sells. Each crop has a star rating attached to it; regular quality, bronze quality, silver quality, and gold quality. You will see a star at the top of the crop when it is harvested which indicated the star rating by the color of the star. Most crops will grow into a regular quality fruit, vegetable, or flower until you upgrade the seeds at the lab, but even the regular quality ones can make a hefty profit if you're growing them in large quantities.

The higher the star rating, the more the crop sells for in the shipping container. 

That about covers our Coral Island Money-Making Guide! Check out more guides on Coral Island below to really make the most of your experience on the island. 

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