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Screenshot of player in the earth mine shaft within Coral Island, surrounded by rocks and bronze ore, Coral Island Mining Guide

Mining is a pivotal point in Coral Island, as ore and bars are needed to craft quite a few items as well as upgrade your Farmhouse. While mining in any game is pretty cut and dry and easy to master, there are a few things within this game that must be kept in the back of your mind before delving deep within the Caverns of the island. In this Coral Island mining guide, we are going to go over where to obtain different ores and gems, what ore is used for, and how to make your trip into the Caverns well worth the time. 

Screenshot of player standing before the entrance of the mine shafts in Coral Island, where you can see stone statues of animals as well as the different doors that lead to the different mines available

How to Mine in Coral Island

Mining itself is quite easy, as you are given a pickaxe on day one, and there are rocks ready to be smashed to bits on your property to collect stone. Stone is super useful, is used for an array of different recipes, and can also be used to upgrade your farmhouse and animal houses. Currently, you will unlock mining when Mark, one of the main characters in-game, decides to show up on your property completely unannounced. Mark doesn't say too much, but he does tell you where the Cavern is located on the map and warns you to be careful if you decide to venture there, as there are monsters roaming underground.

When you take your first trip down into the Cavern, Kira is there to arm you with a sword before you are allowed to take the elevator down, as she knows it will be crawling with beasts. When you enter the Cavern, there are a few sets of stone doors, which open up different areas within the mines below. The first one you will be able to traverse is the Earth Mine. The second and final mine available in the game's current state is the Water Mine. 

Mining itself is pretty simple, as you just target one of the rocks, gems, or ores, and swing the pickaxe. What adds a little bit of a challenge to mining is the monsters within the Cavern. There are only two monsters that we have spotted so far, which are slimes and spiders. The slimes throw discs of slime at you, which causes around 40 HP worth of damage is you are hit. The spiders charge at you and cause around 50 hp worth of damage if they collide with you, though you can move and dodge their attack. The monsters are universal it seems as well, meaning you will see the same ones in both the Earth and Water mines. This is where the sword comes in handy, as a few slashes is all it takes to slay both beasts. They usually do not drop much loot, but they will occasionally drop Monster Essence and Slime Goop, which can be sold in the shipping container. 

What Can You Find in the Earth Mine in Coral Island?

Currently, there are only two mines available; The Earth mine and the Water mine. Within the Earth mine, you will come across Bronze ore as you make your way down each of the levels of the mine. There are 35 total levels within the Earth mine, and it doesn't appear that ore or gems become more abundant as you go lower and lower. This mine also has gems within some of the rocks, which are easy to spot as they have a colored gem sticking out of the side of the rock. The color of the gem within is an indication of what gem you will find there. From what we have seen thus far, you can find Amber, Fire Agate, Moonstone, Pink Crystal, Diamond, Lepidolite, and Granite. 

You will also find Earth Geodes within regular rocks as you mine, which can be brought to the blacksmith to break open. Within those Earth Geodes, we have found other gems such as Marble, Black Opal, Red Beryl, Diorite, Blue Quartz, Quartz, Fire Agate, Morganite, Topaz, and Aquamarine. 

In the Earth Mine, as you make it around 10 levels down, you will come across chests. These chests usually hold valuable loot such as dynamite, slime goop, or candied tree seeds. The dynamite is an amazing feature, as it can be used to blow up several rocks at a time, cutting your time in the mine down significantly, but the explosives are hard to come by for free. You are also able to craft them as you make progress with your mining skill, but they do take a bit of supply to create, one of which is only available in spring or summer. In regards to the chests, it seems that every 10 levels within the mine, one will spawn. 

What Can You Find in the Water Mine in Coral Island?

The only other mine shaft that is currently available in Coral Island is the Water mine. This is where you will find the Silver ore and even more gems and geodes. This Water mine has a total of 45 levels to traverse, where you will find the same monsters and gems as you did in the Earth mine. Though the geodes are no longer Earth Geodes here, they are now Water Geodes. The Water Geodes have broken open at the blacksmith to reveal slightly different gems than the Earth Geodes, but you can still get the same ones as well. The new ones we found from Water Geodes were Jasper and Diamond. 

The same goes for the chests in the Water mine; it seems they spawn the same loot, and are available every 10 levels.

Coral Island Mining Mastery Skills

These are the Skills that you can unlock as you progress with Mining Mastery; you can spend Skill Points on the Mastery screen in the menu.

Tier I Skills

  • Double Ore I: 20% chance to mine double ores.
  • Double Ore II: 40% chance to mine double ores.
  • Double Gems: 5% chance to find double gems. 
  • Rock Domino I: 5% chance to break surrounding rocks when mining. 
  • Rock Domino II: 10% chance to break surrounding rocks when mining. 

Tier II Skills

The Tier II Skills are not yet implemented in Coral Island as of Early Access v0.1 -49002.

Best Coral Island Mining Skill to Take First

It seems that as of right now, the best Coral Island mining skill to take first would be the Double Ore I skill. This is because ore can be slightly difficult to come by, and is needed to create bars later on that are used in a vast amount of crafting recipes. Bars are also used to upgrade your tools, animal houses and even your own farmhouse, so having a fat stack of ore on hand is key to making hefty progress. 

Coral Island Mining Mastery Level-Up Rewards

  1. Level 1: +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, Explosive I Recipe
  2. Level 2: +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, Rope Recipe, Stone Sign Recipe
  3. Level 3: +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, Stone Gate Recipe, Stone Fence Recipe, Stone Floor Tile Recipe
  4. Level 4: +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, No Recipe
  5. Level 5: +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, Stone Chest Recipe, Stone Arch Recipe
  6. Level 6: +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, Explosive II Recipe
  7. Level 7: +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, No Recipe
  8. Level 8: +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, ?
  9. Level 9: +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, ?
  10. Level 10: +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, ?

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