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Coral Island Ben Character Guide , screenshot of ben with his hands on his hips smiling.

This Coral Island Ben Character Guide will tell you Ben's Birthday, Ben's Gift Loves & Hates, the best Gift to give to Ben, and more! 

Coral Island Ben's Biography

Ben has an extensive collection of healing crystals and loves road trips. He indulges his money on music festivals.

Ben seems to be a very free spirit that currently lives out of his caravan. Since he thoroughly enjoys the outdoors, it seems fitting that he spends most of his time roaming the woods or hanging out down by the Beach area. Ben is extremely kind from what we can tell, and he lives his life to the fullest embracing nature and all things hippie related. If you want to spend quality time with Ben, you can find him over by the Cavern near his van tending to his garden. Not to mention he sells a few things out of his van for you to collect at a very reasonable price!

Coral Island Ben's Birthday

Spring 22

Can You Romance Ben in Coral Island?

Yes, you can romance Ben in Coral Island. 

Where Does Ben Live in Coral Island?

Ben currently lives in his caravan deep within the woods, which is located on the Northern side of the map between the Cavern and the Hot Spring area. You can actually see his van on the map as well, making it very easy to find him.

Coral Island Ben's Gift Loves & Hates

Here is a quick list of the items in-game that we have currently discovered that Ben loves, likes, dislikes, hates, or are neutral and gives no result. As we discover more, we will update the list. 

  • Loves - Morel Mushrooms.
  • Likes - Daffodil Flowers, Larkspur Flowers, Cosmo Flowers, Coral Tall Coconuts, Hibiscus Flowers, Hot Peppers, and Blueberries.
  • Dislikes - We have yet to discover any items that Ben dislikes at this time. 
  • Hates - We have yet to discover any items that Ben hates at this time. 
  • Neutral - Purple Cowry Shell and Sap.

Note: We're still playing through Coral Island and discovering things about the characters, so this guide will be continually updated!

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