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This Coral Island Combat Skill Guide will give you tips on fighting Monsters in the Caverns and tell you what you can unlock for each Skill Level.

How the Coral Island Combat Skill Works

The Coral Island Combat Skill is focused on fighting enemies. This is a small but important part of the game -- you'll need to be able to fight in order to get the best stuff in the Caverns. Here are some tips:

  • Take Food with you into the Caverns. Aside from restoring Energy (and allowing you to do more Mining), it will also restore a portion of Health.
  • Don't push too far forward without clearing the area of rocks. It's easy to get stuck on an obstacle and take more damage than you'd expect.
  • If you're low on health, run away. Even Slimes -- the weakest enemy -- can do a surprising amount of damage in a short time if you're not careful.
  • Keep moving. You'll be harder to hit if you're not standing still.

How to Increase Your Combat Skill in Coral Island

As you might expect, you can increase your Combat Skill in Coral Island by defeating Monsters in the Caverns.

How Blocking Works in Coral Island Combat

You can Block an attack by holding right-click when you have your Sword equipped. Don't expect to completely avoid damage, though -- Blocking only cuts the incoming damage in half. (For example, an attack that normally does 20 damage will do 10 damage if you Block it.)

Coral Island Combat Mastery Skills

Here are the Coral Island Combat Skills you can unlock as you progress through the levels:

Tier I Skills

  • Combat Proficiency I - Increases the damage dealt by all weapons. (10% more damage)
  • Combat Proficiency II - Increases the damage dealt by all weapons. (20% more damage)
  • Double Strike - Chance to strike twice in one attack. (5% chance)
  • Critical Chance I - Increases the chances of dealing a critical strike. (25% increase)
  • Critical Chance II - Increases the chances of dealing a critical strike. (50% increase)

Tier II Skills

The Tier II Skills are not yet implemented in Coral Island as of Early Access v0.1 -49002.

Best Coral Island Combat Skill to Take First

The best Coral Island Combat Skill to take first is Combat Proficiency I. While Double Strike and Critical Chance arguably have their benefits, it makes more sense to take a flat bonus to damage to guarantee that you'll be more effective rather than leaving it up to random chance.

Coral Island Combat Skill Guide - Charging Into the Caverns

Coral Island Combat Mastery Level-Up Rewards

  1. Level 1 - +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, Ball of Goop recipe
  2. Level 2 - +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy
  3. Level 3 - +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy
  4. Level 4 - 
  5. Level 5 - 
  6. Level 6 - 
  7. Level 7 - 
  8. Level 8 - 
  9. Level 9 -
  10. Level 10 - 

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