Coral Island Aaliyah Character Guide

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Coral Island Aaliyah Character Guide cover image, showing Aaliyah smiling and posing with their hands on their hips.

This Coral Island Aaliyah Character Guide will tell you Aaliyah's Birthday, Aaliyah's Gift Loves & Hates, the best Gift to give to Aaliyah, and more! 

Coral Island Aaliyah's Biography


Aaliyah's bio is currently listed in-game as TBD, which means that as of right now, their story has not been fully revealed. With that being said, here is what we know about Aaliyah thus far! Aaliyah seems to love to hang around the beach here and there, and during the Beach Cleanup event, they can be seen hanging near Chaem, another character in-game, helping pick up trash. Aaliyah also seems to enjoy going to the FishnSips Tavern later in the evening, so they can be found there closer to 16:00 in-game time. 

Aaliyah also seems to thoroughly enjoy just being out in nature and what the world has to offer, as one of their favorite things is a flower!

Coral Island Aaliyah's Birthday

Aaliyah's birthday is currently listed as TBD. When the game updates this information, we will update this category. 

Can You Romance TEST in Coral Island?

Yes, you can romance Aaliyah in Coral Island. 

Where Does Aaliyah Live in Coral Island?

At this time, there is no listed home location for Aaliyah in-game. As the game updates, we will update this category. 

Coral Island Aaliyah's Gift Loves & Hates

Here is a quick list of the items in-game that we have currently discovered that Aaliyah loves, likes, dislikes, or hates. As we discover more, we will update the list. 

  • Loves - White Hibiscus Flowers. 
  • Likes - Jamu, Puree (a recipe that can be discovered), Larkspur Flowers, Cosmo Flowers, Hibiscus Flowers, and Hot Peppers.
  • Dislikes - We have yet to discover any items that Aaliyah dislikes at this time. 
  • Hates - We have yet to discover any items that Aaliyah hates at this time. 

Note: We're still playing through Coral Island and discovering things about the characters, so this guide will be continually updated!

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