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This Coral Island Diving Guide will help you get started with the basics of exploring the mysterious underwater areas of the game.

How the Coral Island Diving Skill Works

Coral Island Diving is a mechanic that's not typically seen in Farming RPGs. Here's what you need to know about it:

  • You won't be able to participate in Diving until it's unlocked with a quest after a few in-game days.
  • Diving does not cost any money.
  • You do not have to worry about oxygen while underwater.
  • You do, however, have to worry about time -- you'll be automatically pulled out of the water at 23:00.
  • You can eat Food underwater to restore your Stamina, just as if you were on land. It's a good idea to bring Food down with you.
  • Your main objectives are to collect Kelp, clear Trash, and activate the devices that clean up the coral.

How to Unlock Diving in Coral Island

You'll unlock Diving in Coral Island after you receive the "Into the Ocean" quest in your mail. You'll be summoned to the lab and you'll finally meet Ling, one of the characters that is located in a blocked-off area of the map. Then, you'll be given a short tutorial on Diving.

How to Increase Your Diving Skill in Coral Island

You can increase your Diving Skill in Coral Island by collecting kelp and clearing Trash underwater.

Coral Island Diving Mastery Skills

Here are the Skills you'll unlock as you advance your Diving Mastery. As with other Skills, you can spend Skill Points on the Mastery screen in the menu to activate these bonuses.

Tier I Skills

  • Double Kelp I - Chance to harvest double Kelp. (20% chance)
  • Double Kelp II - Increased chance to harvest double Kelp. (40% chance)
  • Double Artifacts - Chance to receive double Artifacts from Artifact Troves. (2% chance)
  • ? - Unknown locked Skill
  • ? - Unknown locked Skill

Tier II Skills

The Tier II Skills are not yet implemented in Coral Island as of Early Access v0.1 -49002.

Best Coral Island Diving Skill to Take First

The best Coral Island Diving Skill to take first is Double Kelp I. The Double Artifacts Skill offers too low of a bonus to be worth the Skill Point that early in the game and the extra Kelp will help you upgrade your Crops faster.

Coral Island Diving Mastery Level-Up Rewards

  1. Level 1 - +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, Scuba Snack recipe, Vortexanator I recipe
  2. Level 2 - +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, Recycling Machine recipe
  3. Level 3 - +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, Scrap Fence recipe, Scrap Floor Tile recipe, Scrap Gate recipe
  4. Level 4 - +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, Scrap Sign recipe
  5. Level 5 - 
  6. Level 6 - 
  7. Level 7 - 
  8. Level 8 - 
  9. Level 9 - 
  10. Level 10 - 

Coral Island Diving Skill Guide - List of Harvestables by Location

How to Unlock More Coral Island Diving Locations

You can unlock more Coral Island Diving locations by giving a particular Crop to an underwater creature (such as a Sea Turtle) that is blocking your path. The Crop in question will change with the season, so don't worry if you can't grow a particular Crop in time -- you can try again when the next season begins!

That's the end of our Coral Island Diving Skill Guide. Take a look at our other guides below!


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