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Our Coral Island Crafting Guide will tell you how Crafting works and how you can unlock more Crafting recipes to make useful items!

How Coral Island Crafting Works

Most Coral Island Crafting is done by hand and in the menu. You'll be able to Craft an item as long as you have the resources you need in your inventory. However, a small portion of items (such as Metal Bars) are crafted through workstations (such as the Furnace).

How to Unlock More Crafting Items in Coral Island

You can unlock more Crafting items in Coral Island by progressing your Skill Mastery. Certain quests will give you Crafting recipes for new items, too.

Coral Island Crafting Guide - Recipes and Unlocks List

Coral Island Crafting Recipes and Unlocks List

Item Type Unlocked By Crafting Cost Description
Ball of Goop Consumable Combat Level 1 3 Slime Goop A Craftable snack used by desperate explorers.
Bee House Artisan Equipment Catching Level 2 50 Wood, 15 Bronze Ore A hotel for Bees. Place a Flower inside to produce Honey.
Candied Tree Seed Consumable Foraging Level 1 1 Sap, 3 of any Tree Seed A Craftable snack to satisfy thrifty Foragers.
Compost Bin Resource Equipment Farming Level 2 20 Wood, 5 Trash, 5 Sap Turns Trash into Compost. Helpful in making Fertilizer.
Explosive I TBD Mining Level 1 1 Bronze Ore, 4 Coal Generates a small explosion. Useful for Combat. Dangerous!
Extractor Resource Equipment "The Extractor" Quest 20 Scrap, 20 Bronze Kelp, 40 Wood Extracts and bottles nutrients from Kelp.
Fertilizer I Farming Farming Level 1 2 Compost, 1 Sap A chance to grow better quality Crops if mixed with soil.
Fertilizer II Farming Farming Level 6 2 Compost, 1 Sap, 1 Silver Kelp There is an excellent chance to grow better quality Crops if mixed with Soil.
Flash I Farming Farming Level 2 2 Compost, 2 Sunray Venus Shell Increases growth rate a little bit.
Furnace Resource Equipment "All Ore Nothing" Quest 40 Stone, 20 Bronze Ore A machine to make metal Bars.
Hydro I Farming Farming Level 3 2 Stone A chance of the soil staying watered overnight if mixed with soil.
Keg Artisan Equipment Farming Level 4 20 Wood, 1 Bronze Bar, 1 Silver Bar, 20 Scrap Processes Fruits or Vegetables into beverages. Makes Juice, Mead, Wine, Beer, Sake, Coffee, Green Tea, and Luwak Coffee.
Kiln Resource Equipment Foraging Level 2 20 Bronze Ore, 25 Stone This processes Wood into Charcoal, Scrap into Glass, and Sand into Glass.
Makeshift Arch Decor Farming Level 3 1 Wood, 5 Trash Place on the Farm.
Makeshift Chest Farming Default 25 Wood, 10 Trash Storage for all kinds of items. Can hold up to 20 objects.
Makeshift Fence Decor Default 1 Wood, 1 Trash A fence made of Wood and Trash.
Makeshift Floor Tile Decor Default 1 Wood, 2 Trash Place on the Farm.
Makeshift Gate Decor Default 2 Wood, 5 Trash Must be installed between 2 fences.
Makeshift Path Decor Default 1 Trash Place on the ground.
Makeshift Scarecrow Farming Farming Level 1 15 Wood, 10 Trash Discourages birds from disturbing Crops. Works to a radius of 8 tiles.
Makeshift Sign Decor Default 5 Wood, 10 Trash Made from Wood and Trash. Use an item to set the display.
Mason Jar Artisan Equipment Farming Level 3 25 Wood, 10 Glass Preserves Fruit and Vegetables.
Ordinary Scarecrow Farming Farming Level 5 20 Wood, 20 Fiber, 10 Sap Discourages birds from disturbing Crops. Works to a radius of 8 tiles.
Recycling Machine Resource Equipment Diving Level 2 20 Trash, 30 Stone, 15 Bronze Kelp Turns one resource into another resource.
Rope Misc Mining Level 2 99 Fiber Can be used to descend into the mine.
Scrap Fence Decor Diving Level 3 1 Scrap A fence made out of Scrap.
Scrap Floor Tile Decor Diving Level 3 2 Scrap Place on the ground.
Scrap Gate Resource Equipment Diving Level 3 5 Scrap Must be installed between 2 fences.
Scuba Snack Consumable Diving Level 1 10 Seaweed A Craftable snack to fuel adventurous divers.
Sprinkler I Farming Farming Level 2 5 Silver Kelp, 5 Bronze Kelp, 10 Scrap An automatic watering system. Waters a radius of 8 tiles.
Stone Fence Decor Default 1 Stone Made of Stone. Sturdier than a Wood Fence.
Stone Floor Tile Decor Mining Level 3 2 Stone Place on the ground.
Stone Gate Decor Mining Level 3 5 Stone Made of Stone. Must be installed between 2 fences.
Stone Path Decor Default 1 Stone Place on the ground.
Stone Sign Decor Mining Level 2 20 Stone Made from Stone. Use an item to set the display.
Vortexanator I Bombs Diving Level 1 1 Bronze Kelp, 4 Glass Generates a small vortex.
Wood Floor Tile Decor Foraging Level 3 2 Wood Place on the ground.
Wood Path Decor Default 1 Wood Place on the ground.
Wooden Fence Decor Foraging Level 3 1 Wood A durable fence.
Wooden Gate Decor Foraging Level 3 5 Wood Made of Wood. Must be installed between 2 fences.

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