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Nvidia Announces Quake II RTX Remaster For Windows And Linux

Quake 2 RTX Brings Ray Tracing To Quake Next Month

Sometimes the best way to demonstrate a new technology is by reviving a classic game rather than developing a brand new one. The developers and engineers at Nvidia probably had…

nvidia rtx deep learning super sampling dlss

Battlefield V, Anthem To Support Deep Learning Super Sampling

NVIDIA has revealed that EA’s first-person shooter Battlefield V and upcoming multiplayer action RPG Anthem will both support deep learning super sampling (DLSS) on the company’s RTX line of graphics cards. The news…

RTX AU Logo 8001

RTX AU 2016 Wrapup – Hot and Bothered

This isn’t my first “first convention.” I was in the fray when PAX Australia debuted in 2013. It was basically a tent and a classroom where they held really interesting…