NVIDIA Announces new $1200 Titan X GPU Powerhouse

Published: July 22, 2016 5:11 PM /


Titan X

For the past couple of generations NVIDIA has dominated the higher end of graphics cards. While AMD has been able to compete in the lower and mid-tier regions for the most part, the NVIDIA options have blown away the top for the most part with the previous Titan X, 980ti, and 1080. It appears though that the 1080 wasn't enough and NVIDIA has decided to go bigger and larger over it with the new Titan X.

Announced today at Stanford University by CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, the Titan X promises a rather crazy amount of power. While full benchmarks aren't out, NVIDIA has given out some of the technical specifications on their website about the new card:

  • 11 Teraflops of computing performance
  • 44 TOPS INT8 - this is based on new deep learning inferencing instructions that Nvidia has developed and TOPS means Tera-Operations Per Second
  • 12B transistors
  • 3584 CUDA cores
  • 1417 MHz Base clock with a Boost Clock of 1531 MHz
  • 12 GB GDDR5x Memory with a memory bandwidth of 480 GS/s
  • Graphics Card Power detailed at 250W and recommending a Power Supply of 600W
  • Supports up to 8k visuals at 60Hz
  • Size - Height: 4.376" Length: 10.5", Width: 2-slot

With these specs, NVIDIA is claiming that it has up to 60% faster performance than the previous Titan X to go along with having over 500 more CUDA cores at 1.5x speed. Additionally, they claim that the engineering is designed to allow for maximum overclocking.

Like the other high-end Pascal architecture that the Titan X is part of, the 1080 and 1070, the Titan X will be possible to run in SLI if you feel the need to create absolutely ridiculous levels of gpu power for some reason. Unlike those two however, it doesn't appear that NVIDIA is going to be running any sort of special founders edition with the new Titan X. Which, given it's $1200 price tag is probably a good thing. Asking someone to pay another $100 for higher level materials on a $1200 card would be somewhat overboard.

Beyond SLI, the Titan X will work with other new technologies it appears. It is set to work with Direct X 12, Vulkan, Open GL 4.5, NVIDIA's new Ansel screenshotting option, and is certified for DisplayPort 1.2 while being ready for 1.3 and 1.4.

NVIDIA will begin selling this on their website August 2nd, along with 'select system builders'. It will be coming shortly after that to Asia. If you want to read a story behind the Titan X, NVIDIA posted one on their site earlier today. Additionally, full specs are available on their site, along with the ability to have it notify you when it launches.  


What do you think of the new Titan X? Is it complete overkill? Do you think NVIDIA should have come up with a new name? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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