An Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 graphics card

[Updated] Nvidia RTX 3080 Cards Are Having Crashing Issues


Update Sept 28 8AM: EVGA has issued a response to reports of its cards crashing.

Nintendo Switch Review Preview Image

New Report Details Potential Hardware For Nintendo Switch Revision


DigitalFoundry has written a report on the potential of a new chip that could power a Nintendo Switch revision.

Nvidia Announces Quake II RTX Remaster For Windows And Linux

Quake 2 RTX Brings Ray Tracing To Quake Next Month


Sometimes the best way to demonstrate a new technology is by reviving a classic game rather than developing a brand new one.

nvidia rtx deep learning super sampling dlss

Battlefield V, Anthem To Support Deep Learning Super Sampling


NVIDIA has revealed that EA's first-person shooter Battlefield V and upcoming multiplayer action RPG Anthem will both support deep learning super sampling (DLSS) on the company's

steam techraptor

Valve Updates Proton In 3.16-4 Beta - Soul Calibur VI Bans Potentially Fixed


Valve has released a new beta version of its Proton compatibility layer, which aims to allow seamless installation and pla

final fantasy xv logo

[UPDATED] Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Coming In 2018


Yesterday to many fans excitement Square Enix and NVIDIA announced that the latest game in the main line of Final Fantasy titles will be coming to Steam under the title Final Fantasy X


NVIDIA Announces and Starts Pre-Orders For GeForce GTX 1080 Ti


NVIDIA has just announced their latest and greatest graphics card, the next in the Pascal architecture 10 series t

Nintendo Switch PC gamers

[Rumor] Nintendo Switch to use Last-Gen Maxwell Technology


As we near the coming of January, more and more information about the Nintendo Switch seems to be leaking out.

HTC Vive

Khronos Group Announces Open Source VR API


The Khronos Group has announced it will be working to form standard API's for VR.