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Jars Key Art

JARS is a unique and imaginative puzzle strategy game where you must destroy all jars before it's too late.  Play as Victor, a sullen, skilly young boy who must go on a bizarre adventure in his

Glitchpunk Key Art

Looking for tons of action and fighting the power? Glitchpunk has you covered by indie developer Dark Lord and publisher Daedalic Entertainment.  Play as an android that has a special ability to ‘

Lord of The Rings Gollum Game

If you've ever wanted to explore the story of Gollum deeper, then The Lord of The Rings: Gollum will give you that chance. Players will have the ability to play as the iconic Lord of The Rings

Iratus: Lord of the Dead

Rescue the princess, destroy the ancient evil, and save the kingdom. Video games have been making the players feel like a hero since the inception of the media. While it always feels great to be the

The Suicide of Rachel Foster game page featured image

Flipping a Hotel business has never been this scary. Your father's adultery urged you and your mother to leave while you were but a teenager. Years later, you return to the hotel after the death of

Players set up their chokepoint for battle.

Set on a forgotten planet in a sci-fi future, CryoFall has the players surviving on an unforgiving planet after they been stranded due to a crash landing. To survive, players will have to utilize the

Felix The Reaper game page featured image

There are two certainties in life: Death and Dancing. In Felix The Reaper you play as Felix, who works for The Ministery of Death. He's fallen in love with Betty from The Ministery of Life and now

A Year of Rain Game Page main image

A Year of Rain is an RTS emphasizing teamwork and strategy. You must build a base, defend it from invaders, and use your hero units to crush the opposition. From the game's website: "The Basics A