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ZAR 21
PC, Windows
Release Date
April 21, 2022 (Calendar)
Puzzle, Indie
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Velone is a brand new, logical puzzle game from indie developer ZAR 21.

Players must unlock the secrets of the mysterious planet of Velone, as aliens have tasked you with saving their dying home from an oncoming asteroid strike. Use logical thinking to solve difficult puzzles, and come up with new and creative ways to activate the Velone stones to beat each of the 40 levels of the game. Each level has multiple pathways to victory, so plan your course wisely as you unlock more secrets of the alien planet. The question now is are you ready for the challenge?

Velone is available for the PC. 

Developer Quote

Creative automation and programming game
Complex mechanical puzzles that can be solved in a myriad of ways for endless replayability
Satisfying gameplay where creating solutions feels extremely rewarding
Relaxing and meditative atmosphere
40 unique levels