Players set up their chokepoint for battle.
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AtomicTorch Studio
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April 3, 2019 (Calendar)
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Set on a forgotten planet in a sci-fi future, CryoFall has the players surviving on an unforgiving planet after they been stranded due to a crash landing. To survive, players will have to utilize the planet's resources in and conquer the new world, advancing their technology and taming the harsh wilderness of this new and dangerous world.

CryoFall was originally released in Steam Early Access on April 3rd, 2019. It currently has an extensive demo you can try.

Developer Quote

CryoFall is Sci-Fi multiplayer survival game set on a forgotten planet in a distant future.

Welcome to the world of CryoFall, where a catastrophic crash landing has stranded you — and dozens of others — millions of light-years from home, trapped on a hostile planet and in constant danger.
Your only hope for survival is to make use of the resources around you as you develop your skills and advance your technology to conquer this new land, tame its harsh wilderness and build a new life for you and those who have found themselves marooned on CryoFall.

Together with many other survivors you can create your own cities, establish an active economy, industry and agriculture, or pillage the fruit of labor of fellow survivors.