CryoFall Receives New Hoverboards and Mechs in a Massive Update

Players set up their chokepoint for battle.

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CryoFall Receives New Hoverboards and Mechs in a Massive Update

November 25, 2019

By: Patrick Perrault

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AtomicTorch Studio
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April 3, 2019 (Calendar)
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Today, Daedalic and Atomic Torch Studios' 2D co-op survival game CryoFall has received its largest update to date, which includes new hoverboards, a massively expanded gameworld, mechs, and more character customization options.


CryoFall is a 2D survival sci-fi multiplayer RPG. In it, players have to survive on a desolate planet and build and maintain in order to survive. This includes farming, hunting, cooking, crafting, mining, building, and trading, with a variety of specializations available per in-game character. Players can either become part of a community or become bandits who delight in taking what others have made. For both sides, this becomes much easier with the addition of hoverboards, which players can now build in order to more easily travel the in-game world. Players can also now use battle mechs, but only in PvP combat. Female character models and a "greatly-expanded" world map have been introduced, as well as an AFK system, which will reduce a players' resource consumption when they are not playing. 

There are also improved onboarding features for new players, lots of new items, terrain types, weapons, and in-game music, and "major" improvements to ballistics and overall gunplay, which is accompanied by balance updates and bug fixes.


Starting today, players will also be able to demo CryoFall over the course an eight-hour demo. This is no ordinary demo, as the full game is available to play during that period of time. There is also sale available starting tonight, lowering the cost of the game to $9.99. However, if players want to spend a little more than that, they can also purchase the CryoFall Supporter Pack on Steam for $4.99, which includes the game's soundtrack, concept art, game avatars, and other goodies.

What do you think of this news? Have you been playing or have thought of playing CryoFall? Let us know in the comments!

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