Iratus: Lord of the Dead Steps Out of Early Access This Month

Published: April 9, 2020 3:17 PM /



Developer Unfrozen and publisher Daedalic Entertainment decided to catch everybody off-guard and release their turn-based tactical roguelike RPG, Iratus: Lord of the Dead, out of its Early Access period in the next two weeks. The game entered Steam's Early Access period back in July 2019, and received multiple updates and additional content throughout this time. Drawing inspiration from Darkest Dungeon and other turn-based dungeon crawlers, the game offers a dark and unique take on the genre, and the news definitely sat well with the community considering the quarantine measures and everyone sitting at home itching for something to play.

Iratus: Lord of the Dead will release officially on April 23rd, in two weeks from today. The development team will feature all the content they created over the past three years, alongside two new floors, 16 new enemies and two bosses. Not only that, the studio overhauled, improved, and tweaked several features and mechanics present in the title to offer players a polished experience worthy of the lengthy wait they had to endure. An example of these enhancements include more powerful artifact drops when finishing higher dungeon floors, revamping the minion upgrade system, and tweaking parts to no longer offer random bonuses but instead add Stat Points to specific attributes. The developer went into much more detail in their Steam blog post on the changes and improvements implemented leading up to Iratus: Lord of the Dead's full release.

  • Minion Upgrading. Each time the minion levels up, he receives 2 Stat Points, for every three levels, the minion will receive Skill Point. The maximum level isn’t limited; ultimate ability may be upgraded from the 15th level.
  • Parts will no longer give random bonuses, but additional Stat Points: uncommon — 2, rare — 6, legendary — 14.
  • Minion Items. More than 50 new universal minion items and 19 unique items for each type of minion.
  • Artifacts. The higher floor, the more powerful artifacts you will gain. Also, added processing Artifacts to the Iratus experience.

How excited are you for Iratus: Lord of the Dead's release on April 23rd? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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