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Dark Lord
Release Date
August 11, 2021 (Calendar)
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Looking for tons of action and fighting the power? Glitchpunk has you covered by indie developer Dark Lord and publisher Daedalic Entertainment. 

Play as an android that has a special ability to ‘glitch’, that is, go against their original programming. Take the fight to the streets as you try to destabilize a tyrannical government in this post-nuclear, cyberpunk world. Run, hack, steal, drive, shoot, and blast your way through the world with this top-down perspective inspired by classic action games such as Grand Theft Auto. Work with the criminal underground, and either take out crime leaders or make them allies in your right against the megacorporations. 

Glitchpunk is currently available in early access and is available for the PC.


Developer Quote

You are an android gifted with a special trait called "glitch": It enables you to go against your programming. Set out to destabilize the tyrannical governments of the post-nuclear world, it's up to you to craft your own agenda. Across four unique locations filled with tech-crazed gangs, drugged-up gangs and governed by ever-present megacorporations, take up contracts, earn money and upgrade yourself.

Influence whether or not a gang leader stays on top of the food chain, or let heads roll. There might be something more for you to gain than just money: An ally, or a friend? Maybe even a lover.

Key Features

Brutal top-down action with a big arsenal of weapons to choose from
Many different ways of locomotion, including trains, tanks, motorbikes, buses, trucks and obviously tons of cars
Frantic police chases and up to 10 escalations of wanted-levels
12 gangs with their own stories, quests, and culture
4 different cities, from the desert remains of the USA to cyberpunk Soviet Russia in a post-nuclear winter
(Early Access launches with one city. City two will follow after four weeks, cities three and four will be added during the Early Access period.)
Mature story with several endings
Rare artstyle mix of 2D sprites in 3D environment
In-game radio with music by artists from all over the world, together with news stations and absurd commercials