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November 6, 2019 (Calendar)
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A Year of Rain is an RTS emphasizing teamwork and strategy. You must build a base, defend it from invaders, and use your hero units to crush the opposition.

From the game's website:

"The Basics

A Year Of Rain is a real-time strategy game. Find below, details about how to play and additional information that helps you understand the game.

    Quick Summary

    In A Year Of Rain, you start a match with selecting your faction and your hero. We offer three factions with three heroes each. You get placed on the map with your team mate. You start with a main building and a handful of worker units. The worker units collect resources for you such as Anorium and Wood. Going from there, you build your base. Buildings for recruiting of troops, diverse technology buildings and defensive buildings are at your disposal. 

    Your goal: Build your base, level up your hero, recruit troops and destroy your opponents base!

    It's a team game!

    We see a tendency towards team gameplay. While most other RTS games feature 1vs1 modes, we completely focus on 2vs2. With a second player, you unlock new ways to strategically outdo your opponents. Our game features are created and balanced to support team gameplay. A role selection at the beginning of a match allows both players to choose complementary roles to perform even better as a team - or play double support. It's up to you really. Besides an in-game chat, we offer a ping system with which you can communicate with your team partner, no matter if real player or AI, effectively.

    It also has advantages for new players to the RTS genre: Take a look at how your team mate plays. Looking, copying and trying is a valid way of improving your own skills. Our game modes are set up for 2 versus 2 matches, so you never play alone. Don't worry about your team mate. If your team member has a higher skill level, he/she will be getting a bonus on XP at the end of the match for being a role model for you through the game. If your opponents are ranked higher in the game, you both are also getting a so-called Underdog bonus for playing against more experienced players."

    Developer Quote

    A Year Of Rain is a team RTS uniting classical elements like base building and expansive story campaigns with strong hero focus and team-oriented gameplay. Apart from the co-op campaigns for the three factions, A Year Of Rain features additional 2v2 modes like 'Skirmish' and 'Against all Odds'.