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There are six Kyber bricks to unlock in each level of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. One for completing the level, three for filling up the stud gauge all the way to True Jedi, one for collecting all minikits and one for completing all three level challenges. In this guide, we'll show you how to get all of the minikits and challenges, as well as outline what characters are unlocked by completing the level Starkiller Queen in Episode VII.

Starkiller Queen Minikit Locations: Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

For collecting all 5 minikits in the level Starkiller Queen you'll unlock the Starkiller Base (Micro).

Starkiller Queen Minikit #1

Starkiller Queen minikit 1

Go down one of the middle hallways, use a Scoundrel to blow up an electrical system when prompted and open a new door. Head into the new room and use a Villain character on the Villain panel in the corner. Throw a grenade at the silver bricks in the new room, re-build them and you can nab the minikit.

Starkiller Queen Minikit #2

Starkiller Queen minikit 2

Use a Jedi or Sith to cut a hole in the wall where the hallways meet in a wedge shape and grab the minikit hiding behind it

Starkiller Queen Minikit #3

Starkiller Queen minikit 3

On the easternmost part of the map, use a Bounty Hunter to destroy the gold bars holding the door in place, head inside the room and you’ll find a minikit locked in a glass case. Use the force to move the glass case to the hole in the floor at the back of the room, and then have your two characters operate the turnstiles to bring the floor together and close the gap in the floor, thereby breaking the case. Hop down into the hole and rebuild the minikit.

Starkiller Queen Minikit #4

Starkiller Queen minikit 4

Next to the sniper bridge that you can choose to blow up (See Level Challenges: Rug Pull) there’s a set of bars going up the wall and two places for nets. Have your Scavenger shoot the nets, grapple up to the bars and climb over to grab your next minikit.

Starkiller Queen Minikit #5

Starkiller Queen minikit 5

Once you get Phasma to open the control room, don't have her disable the systems and instead go over to the area with the giant grey orb and couches. Destroy the machines against the wall and build a terminal for an AstroMech droid. Have the droid use the terminal, one of the seats will turn into a DJ turntable and then the grey orb will pop open to reveal your last minikit.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Starkiller Queen Level Challenges

  • Rey’s Escape - Discover Rey’s escape through Starkiller Base. Go all the way down the long hallway on the right hand side (West on your map), you’ll come to a big glass window, through which you can see Rey evading her captors and escaping the base.

  • Rug Pull - Find a way to blow up the sniper bridge. Use a Scoundrel and shoot out the system using the domino effect on the electrical system underneath the bridge.

  • Snowed In - Lock the Stormtroopers outside of the base. At the intersection of the main hallway and the shorter one leading into the wedge, on the west side of the map, there’s a door with a grapple on it in the main hallway. Pull the door and you’ll have locked a bunch of Stormtroopers out into the freezing cold.

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