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Getting across the expansive map of Smalland can be a struggle, especially when dealing with areas filled with aggressive creatures. Thankfully, it's possible to tame a number of animals that act as mounts, giving access to their own abilities both in and out of combat. Read on to find out how to get a Mount in Smalland, and why it's worth doing.

If you're after some general tips, we have a Smalland Starter Guide. We also have a full map giving the positions of each NPC and boss, along with information on weapons and armor.

How to Get a Mount in Smalland

Mounts are tameable creatures than can then be ridden by interacting with them by pressing F. Each mount requires a different treat before you can tame them, with some treats requiring progression through NPC quests. However, taming mounts follows the exact same steps as taming non-rideable creatures:

  1.     Craft the right treat for that animal.
  2.     Drop the animal to below 50% health.
  3.     Press F when the prompt shows up.

As of the early access release of Smalland, you'll be able to get 4 mounts:

 Mount How to Unlock Treat Crafted At Recipe
Grasshopper Place a Cauldron Cauldron 3 Insect Eggs, 1 Petal, 2 Seed Oil
Gecko Complete quest to kill a Rhino Beetle for Skadi Cauldron 2 Ant Head, 2 Bee Head, 1 Petal, 2 Seed Oil
Wolf Spider Complete quest to kill an Albino Spider for Lisandra Cauldron 1 Grasshopper Leg, 2 Spider Eye, 3 Insect Wings, 1 Petal, 2 Seed Oil
Damselfly Complete quest to find the key for the Elder Stone Oven 3 Firefly Juice, 1 Petal, 2 Seed Oil

How Smalland Mounts Work

When tamed, you'll have 3 options when targeting a mount:

  • Ride - Ride a mount.
  • Release - Releases the animal, making it no longer tamed.
  • Stay - Has the animal stay in its current spot, even if you move away.

Mounts have their own health and stamina. Mount health can be replenished with food that has "Can feed creature" in its description, which will be used while riding the mount. Mounts will also attack enemies that come near you, though Grasshoppers will often run when dealing with tougher opponents. Mount stamina is used to both sprint, or use mount-specific abilities.

  • Grasshopppers can leap long distances
  • Wolf Spider can attack while you are mounted.
  • Damselflys are the only source of flying in the game (winged armor only lets you glide), though ascending costs a lot of mount stamina.
  • The Gecko doesn't have a specific ability, though it can climb up steep surfaces.

If a mount dies, it will be lost for good and you must tame another one. It's also not possible to tame more than one animal at a time. The development roadmap has also shown that more mounts will be added during early access, along with more tamed animal interactions.

We're all done with our guide on how to get a Mount in Smalland. Take a look at our other guides below!

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