First Smalland Update Brings New Server Modifiers, Fixes, And More

Published: April 6, 2023 9:22 AM /


The player riding a lizard and chasing butterflies in Smalland

Miniature survival game Smalland may only have been released a few days ago, but it's already time for the first update. This patch adds new server modifier options to let you customize your game, as well as changes to base construction, graphics setting changes, and much more.

In the Steam notes for this Smalland update, developer Merge Games lists the server modifiers you can now apply to your game's server. These include changing the day and season cycle length, as well as altering creature health scaling, nourishment loss, and fall damage. Hopefully, these options should help you to change up your game and make it just the way you want it.


Another big change involves tree base constructions not taking damage from other players, meaning that others can't "accidentally" (we see you, Smalland trolls) damage your tree base. If you've ever seen a floating gravestone after you've died on an elevator, you shouldn't notice that anymore after this update, either.

The player marvelling at floating butterflies in Smalland
Smalland's beautiful and hostile survival sandbox just got a little more customizable with its first post-launch update.

You'll also find various other minor fixes in this first update, including more bark dropping from harvesting, a 60fps default graphics cap, and several localization, balancing, and world improvements. These are the kinds of changes that you don't necessarily immediately notice, but that should make your trip through Smalland just a little smoother.

If you're not familiar with Smalland (or, to give it its full title, Smalland: Survive the Wilds), it's a Grounded-esque survival game in which you've been shrunk down to a tiny size. You must explore the wilderness, uncovering the backstory of this newly massive world and finding ways to survive within it.

Smalland is available right now on PC via Steam Early Access. Make sure you give our Smalland guides a look, too; they've got all the info you're going to need to get yourself started in this tiny but terrifying world.



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