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You'll have to deal with a number of creatures during your adventures in Smalland. While all will either ignore or attack you, it's possible to tame certain creatures and have them follow you. This allows for some extra help while exploring and battling, though you'll have to take care of your pets. In our Smalland Animal Taming Guide, we'll go over how you can tame animals and why it can be worth doing.

If you're after some tips, we have a Smalland Starter Guide. We also have a full map giving the positions of each NPC and boss, along with information on weapons and armor.

Standing next to the Gecko Smalland Animal, with a prompt to tame it.

How Smalland Animal Taming Works

Taming animals is made up of 3 steps:

  1. Craft the right treat for that animal.
  2. Drop the animal to below 50% health.
  3. Press F when the prompt shows up.

This will tame the animal, having it follow near you when you travel. The animal will also be shown on the map via a gold horse icon, which can be highlighted with left click. While you have a tamed animal, going up to it gives a few options that are toggled through with C:

  • Use/Ride - Use a non-mount animal, or ride a mount.
  • Release - Releases the animal, making it no longer tamed.
  • Stay - Has the animal stay in its current spot, even if you move away.

The reason you'd want to release an animal is due to the limit of one tamed animal per player. Having a tamed animal will lock the prompt for taming new ones until your previous one is released or dies.

In Smalland's current form, most animals act as mounts. However, using a Workbench will allow you to make the Ladybug Travel Kit. Made with 3 Edible Mushrooms, 2 Nectar, and 5 Fiber, this allows you to tame Ladybugs (the regular ones, not Nocturnal). Tamed Ladybugs can be used to carry up to 20 items, similar to a Wooden Chest.

We're at the end of the Smalland Animal Taming Guide, but there's more to discover -- take a look at our other guides below!

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