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In this guide, we'll show you the full Smalland Map and highlight all of the interesting locations we've found including NPCs and bosses!

The Smalland Map isn't quite as small as the game's name implies. What might be a few footsteps for us represents a massive world for the Smallfolk! You'll need Food and Healing items to survive in the short term and a sturdy Building to make it through Storms. Read on for a breakdown on interesting points to explore in the Map!

Smalland Map

Top part of the Smalland Map
Bottom part of the Smalland Map.

There's a surprising amount of verticality in the Smalland Map. While you can get to most of the locations on foot, some areas will require the use of Buildings to get a little extra height. That aside, you can visit every one of the NPCs at any time so you can Craft some Armor -- as long as you can survive a fight with the enemies in the area.

Important Smalland Locations

Here are all of the Smalland Locations we've found so far. You should keep in mind that most NPC locations will have Food and Crafting items that you can pick up for free. These items will respawn after some time, too, so you should always stop by and see if there are some free items to pick up!

Albino Spider

The Albino Spider is a boss. Its location is provided to you by Lisandra on the western side of the map.

Black Hornet

The Black Hornet is a boss. Its location is revealed by Nok.


Drustana provides a safe haven from the bees in the area. You can also find a fair amount of Honey Crumble and craft the Regal Armor set.

The Elder

The Elder is one of the first people you can meet when entering the Overland. He'll get you started with the quest to find the Clover Key and he'll also point you toward the locations of Herne and Kalev.


Herne is one of the first people you meet when you enter the Overland. He'll answer a lot of the questions you may have about finding Food and Crafting equipment. He can also craft the Padded and Light Armor sets, two types of early-game Armor. You can also grab a couple of Blackberries on the table for free.


Kalev will give you one of the earliest armor upgrades that is easy to Craft. He also points you toward the location of Skadi.


Lisandra can craft the Silkweave Armor set for you.


Mirmek allows you to craft the Formic and Bone Armor sets.


Nok will give you the recipes for Crafting the Grapple Gun and Hook, and she also points you toward the Black Hornet boss. She also points you to Mirmek's location.

Rhino Beetle

The Rhino Beetle is a boss. It is revealed by Skadi.


Skadi can make the Primal and Chitin armor sets. He also has a quest for slaying the Rhino Beetle and will reveal its location.


The Spawn is your default starting location in the world. This icon represents wherever your spawn point actually is, so it will move if you Build a proper Bed.


Tuhala points you toward the Spider Matriarch boss. Unfortunately, the icon does not show up on the map in the pre-release version of the game.

We're all done with the Smalland Map and Locations Guide, but there's plenty more to explore -- check out our other guides below!

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