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Halo Infinite is now out and the next step of Master Chief's journey is ready for all players to enjoy. There's a lot new with the latest installment in the Halo franchise including new collectibles and an open-world structure that while it's been dabbled with before in some of the larger scale Halo maps has never been done on this level. In this Halo Infinite Lockdown Collectibles Guide, we'll explain how to get all of the collectibles available to you in the Lockdown area of Halo Infinite.

This guide encompasses the following regions:

  • General Area Collectibles
  • FOB Outposts
    • Golf
    • Foxtrot
  • Ransom Keep
  • The Tower

Halo Infinite Lockdown Collectibles - General Area Collectibles

After capturing any of the FOB Outposts collectibles like Spartan Cores and Mjolnir Lockers will appear on your overworld map.

  • UNSC Audio Log
    • Evacuation - Home Defence - After clearing out the enemies at the base look toward the Eastern cliff and you should see this log

Halo Infinite Lockdown Collectibles - FOB Outposts

FOB Golf

  • 1x UNSC Audio Log
    • Infinity's Approach - Preparations - on top of FOB Golf behind the large yellow box next to where you can call in armaments. If you're standing at the FOB point you should hear it
  • Taking over FOB Golf reveals the following on the map
    • 3x Squad Missions
      • Boxer Squad
      • Carrera Squad
      • Starlight Squad
    • 1x Base
      • Ransom Keep
    • 1x Target
      • Okro 'Vagaduun

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FOB Foxtrot

  • 1x UNSC Audio Log
    • On the main platform to the right of the vehicle spawn point
  • Taking over FOB Foxtrot reveals the following on the map
    • 1x Target
      • Briglard

Halo Infinite Lockdown Collectibles - Ransom Keep

  • 2x Banished Audio Logs
    • The Dream of Atriox - In the southeast corner of the Silo yard, you'll find this audio log right next to one of the objective markers.
    • Unnatural Defenses - After destroying the four Silos and the new enemies that show up a building to the north is now open as part of the next objective. After stepping into the building take a left and it will be on the floor
  • 1x Spartan Core
    • Head south across the bridge from the Dream of Atriox Audio Log and it will be directly in front of you
  • 2x UNSC Audio Logs
    • UNSC - Making Ends Meet - travel to the far south of Ransom Keep. When you get near where the Spartan Core is you'll hear a beeping. Scale the cliff to the south, just above where the small tunnel is, to find this audio log
    • UNSC - To Andrew Valleros - Head south from Random Keep down a valley and you'll find an Elite in a Ghost. Keep heading south and you'll find this at the end of the tunnel

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Halo Infinite Lockdown Collectibles - The Tower

  • 1x Mjolnir locker
    • Head underneath the metal platform to the South-West of the tower. There will be a small rocky path you can take to find this Mjolnir Locket.
  • 1x Banished Audio Log
    • Harbinger - Head towards the tower from the road. Take a right when the area opens up and you'll see a small trailer to the right with two exploding boxes and the Audio log
  • 2x Spartan Core
    • Underneath the tower, right next to the chained up soldiers
    • Travel into the tower and head up to the third floor, this is where you would have had the boss fight with the invisible Elite. You should find the Spartan Core here. (Thanks Phil!)
  • 1x Skull
    • Climb to the top of the tower from the outside. You can do this early by grappling up the side or return later when you can call in a flying vehicle
  • 1x UNSC Audio log
    • UNSC - What Was Inside - On the second floor of the inside of the tower when you get to the Misty blue hallway with banished pop your scan and look to the right. Behind one of the pillars is this audio log


By collecting all of the above items and completing other regional objectives you'll be working towards earning the following Achievements

  • Dispatches From the Front Achievement - Access your first UNSC Audio Log
  • Canon Collector Achievement - Unlock all UNSC Audio Logs
  • Two Sides to Every Story Achievement - Access your first Banished Audio Log
  • Know Your Enemy Achievement - Unlock all Banished Audio Logs
  • Infinity Down Achievement - Access your first Spartan Audio Log
  • Rubicon Protocol Achievement - Unlock all Spartan Audio Logs
  • Headstrong Achievement - Discover your first hidden Skull
  • Catacomb Achievement - Discover all hidden Skulls

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