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Halo Infinite is now out and the next step of Master Chief's journey is ready for all players to enjoy. There's a lot new with the latest installment in the Halo franchise including new collectibles and an open-world structure that while it's been dabbled with before in some of the larger scale Halo maps has never been done on this level. In this Halo Infinite Reformation Collectibles Guide, we'll explain how to get all of the collectibles available to you in the Reformation area of Halo Infinite.

This guide encompasses the following regions:

  • General Area Collectibles
  • FOB Outposts
    • Hotel
    • Juliet
    • Kilo
    • Lima
    • November
  • Riven Gate
  • Annex Ridge
  • The Sequence
  • Nexus
  • The Command Spire

Halo Infinite Reformation Collectibles - General Area Collectibles

  • UNSC Audio Logs
    • Encroachment - In the middle of the large lake in the East of this region. Just south of FOB November
    • Rubicon Protocol - Climb to the metal mountain to the North of Skiller Alpha. You'll find this Audio log at the very peak.
    • What Lies Beneath - Head to the East of the North most Beacon. Walk along the road that goes between the mountain and the crack in the ring and you'll find a tunnel that leads into the mountain. Follow this until you find a group of Banished. Kill them all and hunt deeper into the tunnel to find this Audio Log.
    • Drawing the Line - To the South West of Riven Gate there is a small body of water. Find this Audio Log on the shores of this lake.
    • Inquiries - From FOB Hotel head south towards the large metal structure. This is the same one that the Writh Kul Target sits on. Fly near the bottom of the South West of this large structure to locate this Audio Log.
    • Red Tide - From Riven Gate head East until the Forerunner structure is to your North. Head North and move forward down the hill. Near the very edge of the cliff, before it drops off into nothing. To your right you'll see a few holes, down one of them is this Audio Log.
  • Skulls
    • Blackeye - Head West from Riven Gate down the road until you see water on your left. Follow this water down until it becomes a waterfall. If you go to the bottom of the waterfall and then turn around you'll see a source of light peeking through. Grapple up to this hole and make your way through to find a hidden cave with this skull
    • Famine - To the far East of this area is a small piece of land not connected to anything else. It is slightly to the South-East of one of the Beacons, you'll need a flying vehicle to get over to it.
    • Thunderstorm - From FOB Juliet fly directly north towards the large metal mountain. To the East of the main peak is a small singular metal pipe that stretches high into the sky. You can find the Thunderstorm Skull at the very top.

Halo Infinite Skulls Guide 05

Halo Infinite Reformation Collectibles - FOB Outposts

FOB Hotel

  • 1x UNSC Audio Log
    • Abandon Ship - Near the weapon supply crates on the main FOB platform.
  • Taking over FOB Hotel reveals the following on the map
    • Target
      • Writh Kul
      • Ordo 'Mal
      • En 'Geddon
    • Squad
      • Fortune Squad

FOB Juliet

  • 1x UNSC Audio Log
    • Priorities - Immediately to the left of the Vehicle Spawner
  • Taking over FOB Juliet reveals the following on the map
    • Target
      • Myriad
      • Skimmer Alpha

FOB Kilo

  • 1x UNSC Audio Log
    • Egress - On the far right edge of the FOB platform.
  • Taking over FOB Kilo reveals the following on the map
    • Base
      • Annex Ridge

FOB Lima

  • 1x UNSC Audio Log
    • Losing Ground - To the left of the Vehicle Spawn
  • Taking over FOB Lima reveals the following on the map
    • Target
      • Barrot
    • Base
      • Riven Gate

FOB November

  • 1x UNSC Audio Log
    • Taurus - On a crate right next to the Vehicle Spawn Point
  • Taking over FOB November reveals the following on the map
    • Target
      • Arthoc
      • Zeretus

Halo Infinite Reformation Collectible Guide 03

Halo Infinite Reformation Collectibles - Riven Gate

  • 2x Banished Audio Log
    • The Great Spine - As you're dropping all of the gates one of them will lead you to a room with a Banshee behind an energy shield. Look for the Audio Log in this building.
    • Encroaching Glory - During this mission, after dropping the gates you'll get the next mission to Locate the Power Source. Heading towards the objective will take you into a room you previously didn't have access to. The Audio log will be right in your path.
  • 1x Spartan Core
    • This can be found in the buildings to the South West of the compound
  • 2x UNSC Audio Log
    • Trench Warfare - Approach Riven Gate from the West. When you get to the gate climb up it and look for the first Gravity Lift on the left. Next to it will be a cave going into the mountain. Climb on top of this cave and you'll find this Audio Log right next to a tree.
    • Convalescence - Approaching Riven Gate from the East before you reach the gate climb the large hill to the left. You'll find snipers nexst with the Audio Log here.

Halo Infinite Reformation Collectibles - Annex Ridge

  • 2x Banished Audio Logs
    • Slow and Steady - There will be a part of Annex Ridge where you're underground that leads you to a gravlift. Behind the Gravlift the Audio Log is on the ground.
    • Whispers From The Past - To the left of the control panel that allows you to raise the Silo you'll find this Audio Log. It's a large building to the North West.
  • 1x Spartan Cores
    • In the very North-East of the compound, there will be a small equipment depot to the left of a building. Inside is this Spartan Core.
  • 2x UNSC Audio Logs
    • A Hastily-Assembled Plan - On the mountain South of the compound there will be an Audio Log halfway up.
    • Hitching a Ride - On the metal mountain North-East of the compound there will be an Audio Log.

Halo Infinite Reformation Collectible Guide 06

Halo Infinite Reformation Collectibles - The Sequence

  • 4x Banished Audio Logs - These Audio Logs can each be found at one of the Beacon locations that you'll need to visit through this mission
    • A Curious Directive - At the South-West Beacon defeat the elites and worm guys on the surface and head downstairs. At the bottom of the ramp turn right and circle around to find the Banished Audio Log
    • Reintroduction - At the North Beacon after clearing out the enemies the Audio Log will be at the bottom of the stairs.
    • Xalanyn - At the South-East Beacon defeat the enemies and head downstairs. In the area before the door to get a piece of the sequence, you'll find this Audio Log.
    • Assumptions - In the Eastmost Beacon defeat the enemies and head inside. The audio log will be to the right of the doorway to the objective.

Halo Infinite Reformation Collectibles - Nexus

  • 2x UNSC Audio Logs
    • The Mission - During this mission you'll get to a point where you need to recover three power cores with a door to your left, right, and one ahead of you. Pass through the door directly in front of you and destroy the sentinels, walk to the left of this room to find the Audio log.
    • Barely Anything Left - This Audio Log will unlock over the course of the mission

Halo Infinite Reformation Collectibles - The Command Spire

  • 1x Skull
    • Mythic - continue through the level until you get to the large gravlift that spits you out into a large orange room. The orange light is being cast from energy walls that the Halo Material is passing through. Follow the path of the material moving around two of the orange energy fields. When you're past those energy fields use your grapple to get through the hole in the ceiling. After getting up a few levels you'll see a doorway, follow this path to reach the Skull.


By collecting all of the above items and completing other regional objectives you'll be working towards earning the following Achievements

  • Dispatches From the Front Achievement - Access your first UNSC Audio Log
  • Canon Collector Achievement - Unlock all UNSC Audio Logs
  • Two Sides to Every Story Achievement - Access your first Banished Audio Log
  • Know Your Enemy Achievement - Unlock all Banished Audio Logs
  • Infinity Down Achievement - Access your first Spartan Audio Log
  • Rubicon Protocol Achievement - Unlock all Spartan Audio Logs
  • Headstrong Achievement - Discover your first hidden Skull
  • Catacomb Achievement - Discover all hidden Skulls

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