Halo Infinite Connections Collectibles Guide

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Halo Infinite Connections Collectibles Guide

Halo Infinite is now out and the next step of Master Chief's journey is ready for all players to enjoy. There's a lot new with the latest installment in the Halo franchise including new collectibles and an open-world structure that while it's been dabbled with before in some of the larger scale Halo maps has never been done on this level. In this Halo Infinite Connections Collectibles Guide, we'll explain how to get all of the collectibles available to you in the Connections area of Halo Infinite.

This guide encompasses the following regions:

  • General Area Collectibles
  • FOB Outposts
    • Echo
    • Delta
    • Charlie
    • Bravo
    • Alpha
  • Redoubt of Sundering
  • Forge of Teash
  • Horn of Abolition
  • Armory of Reckoning
  • Excavation Site
  • Conservatory (No Collectibles)
  • Spire

Halo Infinite Connections Collectibles - General Area Collectibles

After capturing any of the FOB Outposts collectibles like Spartan Cores and Mjolnir Lockers will appear on your overworld map.

  • UNSC Audio Log
    • Enemy Territory - Slightly to the west of the large metal structure. This structure will be to the North East of the Forge of Teash. There's a small UNSC encampment that will have the Audio Log
    • A Way From Home - Near the Foxhound Squad
    • Choke Hold - Head south from Outpost Tremonius and keep an eye out for the large crashed spaceship to the West. Defeat the Banished around the wreckage and head inside to locate this Audio Log.

Halo Infinite Connections Collectibles - FOB Outposts

FOB Echo

  • 1x UNSC Audio Log
    • Duty Clearance - To the left of the vehicle spawn point
  • Taking over FOB Echo reveals the following on the map
    • 1x target
      • Ik 'novus
    • 4x squads
      • Pyramid
      • Indiana
      • Bluebell
      • Courier
    • 1x base
      • Redoubt of sundering

FOB Delta

  • 1x UNSC Audio Log
    • Arrival - To the right of the vehicle spawn terminal
  • Taking over FOB Delta reveals the following on the map
    • 2x squad
      • Pronto squad
      • Foxhound squad

FOB Charlie

  • 1x UNSC Audio Log
    • Zero Hour - To the right of the vehicle spawn terminal
  • Taking over FOB Charlie reveals the following on the map
    • Base
      • Forge of Trash
    • Target
      • Balkarus
    • Squads
      • Harpoon
      • Titan
      • Lancer

FOB Bravo

  • 1x UNSC Audio Log
    • Ingress - on the main platform at FOB Brave
  • Taking over FOB Bravo reveals the following on the map
    • Base
      • Horn of Abolition
    • Target
      • Thav 'sebarim
      • Bipbap
    • Squads
      • Jester
      • Bengal

FOB Alpha

  • 1x UNSC Audio Log
    • Objectives - on top of the main platform
  • Taking over FOB Alpha reveals the following on the map
    • Base
      • Armory of Reckoning
    • Squads
      • Paladin
      • Barracuda
      • Cobra
    • Target
      • Inka 'saham

Halo Infinite Connections Collectibles - Redoubt of Sundering

  • 2x Banished Audio Logs
    • That Which Remains - After freeing the soldiers in the northeast section of the base head west down the hill. Look to your right for a large open Bay door with plasma and kinetic ammo station. The audio log is in this room.
    • Remain Vigilant - After freeing the three groups of soldiers you'll get a waypoint for a newly opened room. As soon as you walk inside you should see the audio log directly in front of you.
  • 1x Spartan Core
    • After freeing the soldiers trapped near the Eastern side of the base investigate the boxes nearby to find this Spartan Core
  • 2x UNSC Audio Logs
    • Last-Ditch Effort - On the mountain ridge north of the base you'll find a UNSC sniper spot with this audio log
    • Escape Plan - If you're looking at the large front gate of the base you'll see a small raised platform to the left. Behind it will be a red light and a tunnel. Head into the tunnel to find this audio log 

Halo Infinite Connections Collectibles - Forge of Teash

  • 2x Banished Audio Logs
    • Secrets Below - Enter the large building on the Eastern side of the silo field. This will be directly next to one of the Silo's too. As you enter this workshop you'll see the audio log propped up against a support beam.
    • Re: Damnable Eyes - in the North East there will be a huge entrance that goes under the mountain. Defeat all the enemies within and find the Audio Log on the ground.
  • 1x Spartan Core
    • Enter the large building on the Eastern side of the silo field. This will be directly next to one of the Silo's too. walk up the ramp and it will be directly ahead of you.
  • 2x UNSC Audio Logs
    • The Ally - Climb up the cliff to the North East of the Forge of Teash and look for a cave opening with yellow lights. Crawl through the cave to find this Audio Log.
    • Digging Deeper - To the South-East of the Forge of Teash, this Audio Log will be on top of the cliff with a good vantage point of the whole area.

Halo Infinite Collectibles Connections - Horn of Abolition UNSC 2

Halo Infinite Connections Collectibles - Horn of Abolition

  • 2x Banished Audio Logs
    • Our New Home - There's a locked-down building just when you enter the base from the west. Get on the roof to find a ramp inside. Kill the grunts inside and the Audio log is on the ground floor
    • A Boon - After you've unlocked the door to get to the array power cells switch enter the building. There will be a turret and an invisible elite in here. Walk into the side room to the north and turn right and you'll see this Audio Log on the ground
  • 1x Spartan Core
    • To the Southwest, there is a building with a door that doesn't open correctly. Jump down through the roof to find this Spartan Core
  • 2x UNSC Audio Logs
    • Nowhere to Hide - Walk up the mountain to the South-East. As you follow the path you should start to hear the log on the mountain.
    • They Are Listening - Walk to the road to the North-East of the Horn of Abolition. The Audio Log is at the base of a tree that's at the bend in the road facing South and West.

Halo Infinite Connections Collectibles - Armory of Reckoning

  • 2x Banished Audio Logs
    • Of Unrest and Unggoy - From the main Armory if you look to the west you should see a Scorpion tank on a hill. Walk past that and you will be able to find a locked door with the controls right next to it. Destroy the doors power to open it and reveal two trapped marines, and this Audio Log.
    • A Warning - After destroying the ammo cache in the underground base continue moving deeper until you reach the gravlift. This will deposit you in the main armory, next to the large computer in this room you'll find the Banished Audio Log.
  • 1x Spartan Core
    • Can be found in the North West area of the base
  • 2x UNSC Audio Logs
    • No Entry - In the North West part of the camp behind one of the armory buildings is a wrecked Warthog. The Audio Log is in the back of it.
    • Miscommunication - From the main Armory if you look to the west you should see a Scorpion tank on a hill. Walk past that and you will be able to find a split passage through the mountain on the left. Walking down this path you'll find the Audio Log.

Halo Infinite Connections Collectibles - Excavation Site

  • 1x Mjolnir Locker
    • In the bottom of the pit tucked away in an alcove in the southwest
  • 1x Banished Audio Log
    • Demon - After approaching the large dig site enemies will spawn all around you. Defeat them and use the grav lift to enter the mining structure. Inside you'll find this Audio Log directly across from the laser controls 
  • 2x Spartan Core
    • On the top of the mountain to the southwest of the main machine
    • You can find this Core to the North-East
  • 2x UNSC Audio Logs
    • She Was Smiling - From the Laser controls inside the mining rig turn to your right and follow the hallway. Once you get to where the gravlift deposits you keep going past it to see this Audio log around a corner.
    • On The Mend -To the North-East of the Excavation site follow the road. You'll end up in a large scorched area. Look for a crashed truck by the side of the road. The Audio Log is next to it.

Halo Infinite Connections Collectibles - Spire

  • 1x UNSC Audio Log
    • Looks like we're still looking for this collectible

By collecting all of the above items and completing other regional objectives you'll be working towards earning the following Achievements

  • Dispatches From the Front Achievement - Access your first UNSC Audio Log
  • Canon Collector Achievement - Unlock all UNSC Audio Logs
  • Two Sides to Every Story Achievement - Access your first Banished Audio Log
  • Know Your Enemy Achievement - Unlock all Banished Audio Logs
  • Infinity Down Achievement - Access your first Spartan Audio Log
  • Rubicon Protocol Achievement - Unlock all Spartan Audio Logs
  • Headstrong Achievement - Discover your first hidden Skull
  • Catacomb Achievement - Discover all hidden Skulls

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