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Halo Infinite Reckoning Collectibles Guide

Published: December 8, 2021 1:02 PM



Halo Infinite is now out and the next step of Master Chief's journey is ready for all players to enjoy. There's a lot new with the latest installment in the Halo franchise including new collectibles and an open-world structure that while it's been dabbled with before in some of the larger scale Halo maps has never been done on this level. In this Halo Infinite Reckoning Collectibles Guide, we'll explain how to get all of the collectibles available to you in the Reckoning area of Halo Infinite.

This guide encompasses the following regions:


  • Repository
  • The Road (This area has no collectibles)
  • House of Reckoning

Halo Infinite Reckoning Collectibles - Repository

  • 1x Skull
    • Grunt Birthday Party Skull - Partway through the level, you'll get to a large room with a hard light bridge extending to the center of it. After a cutscene, a second bridge will appear to the other side but there are two more doors only accessible via grappleshot. In one is a power seed, and there's a place to put the power seed on the other side. Later on in the level you'll get to a portion where the pathway splits. In the large room in one of the splits look above you and you'll find an opening above some arches. This is where you'll find the Grunt Birthday Party Skull.
  • 2x UNSC Audio Logs
    • The Weapon - Obtained after a cutscene mid-level
    • Price Paid - After an important cutscene with Weapon you'll get a split path to go left or right in a large room. Head left and follow the linear path to a smaller workroom. Inside will be a desk with a hologram of the Halo ring and this Audio Log. If you get to where the split path rejoins in a small hallway you've gone too far or taken the wrong path.

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Halo Infinite Reckoning Collectibles - House of Reckoning

  • 2x Banished Audio Logs
    • Victory - After completing the advanced training go up the elevator and into another large hanger room. Next to the table with the assault rifle hologram, you'll find this Audio Log.
    • Looks like we're still looking for this collectible
  • 1x UNSC Audio Logs
    • 42410-02214-LB - Entering the House of Reckoning you'll find yourself in a large room set up as a mock UNSC Outpost. Walk along the right side of the base of this display and you'll find the Audio Log at the far corner.

House of Reckoning Potential Secret


As you make your way through the House of Reckoning you'll be challenged to a number of firefight-like waves of enemy attacks in outposts set up to look like UNSC encampments. During the second instance of fighting off enemies, when you're at the fake UNSC base with a tall tower there are a number of secret switches placed around the room. During regular play, I was able to locate three switches, but I wasn't able to find anymore or notice what activating the switches triggered. The switches are located in the following places:

  • Grappleshot up to the very top of the tower, the switch will be on the roof
  • In the Control Room where you first enter this second UNSC encampment, the switch can be found on the top floor
  • From the first switch's location look across the support rails that are holding cranes in place and you'll see another switch hidden away

If you find the fourth switch or know what these triggers be sure to leave a note in the comments!



By collecting all of the above items and completing other regional objectives you'll be working towards earning the following Achievements

  • Dispatches From the Front Achievement - Access your first UNSC Audio Log
  • Canon Collector Achievement - Unlock all UNSC Audio Logs
  • Two Sides to Every Story Achievement - Access your first Banished Audio Log
  • Know Your Enemy Achievement - Unlock all Banished Audio Logs
  • Infinity Down Achievement - Access your first Spartan Audio Log
  • Rubicon Protocol Achievement - Unlock all Spartan Audio Logs
  • Headstrong Achievement - Discover your first hidden Skull
  • Catacomb Achievement - Discover all hidden Skulls

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