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Halo Infinite is now out and the next step of Master Chief's journey is ready for all players to enjoy. There's a lot new with the latest installment in the Halo franchise including new collectibles and an open-world structure that while it's been dabbled with before in some of the larger scale Halo maps has never been done on this level. In this Halo Infinite Skull Collectibles Guide, we'll explain how to get all of the Skulls available in the game.

The Skulls allow you to change the way that the game acts making it easier, or more often more difficult for the player. Collecting all of these are required to complete the ultimate challenge for a Halo player, completing a LASO playthrough. LASO stands for "Legendary All Skulls On" and requires the player to activate every skull and then beat the game from start to finish on the hardest difficulty mode.

How do I activate Skulls in Halo Infinite?

After you collect a Skull in the campaign if you want to activate it you'll need to save your game and exit to the main menu. Then select Load Game and select the save file you want. You'll then have an option to change the difficulty as well as activate any of your available Skulls.


Collecting every Skull will allow you to earn the following achievements:

  • Headstrong Achievement - Discover your first hidden Skull
  • Catacomb Achievement - Discover all hidden Skulls
  • Headmaster Achievement - Complete all main missions on Legendary with all Skulls active

There are still three Skulls we're missing so if you happen to know where they are drop a comment below for us!

Halo Infinite Boom Skull

Halo Infinite Skull Collectibles - Boom Skull

Location: Ringfall, Warship Gbraakon

Description: Behold, the Temple of Boom. Doubles explosion radius.

Progress through the level past the large lift, and past your first experience with spike grenades. You'll find yourself in a room lit with red lights that are separated into multiple levels. You'll know you're in the right room if you see a series of containers/crates moving along vertical conveyor belts to your right. Defeat all of the Banished in this room. On the right wall will be three sets of containers rising up, hop onto the middle container as it's rising up, and look to your right. Once the container stops you should be able to see the Skull right ahead of you. Be careful, if you stay on the rising container for too long you'll get pushed into an instant death field.


Halo Infinite Cowbell Skull
It's a bit hard to see in the lighting but the green outline is the roof support

Halo Infinite Skull Collectibles - Cowbell

Location: Ringfall, Foundation

Description: Because we needed more Cowbell. Acceleration from explosions is increased.

Progress through the level until you find The Weapon. After The Weapon cutscene, you'll end up going up a lift. After the lift you'll end up in a large blue room. Kill the grunts and jackals in front of you, but before you go into the doorway on your left turn around. At the back of the room, where you came from, on the ceiling there's a support beam in the middle of the roof. The skull is tucked away in here. Grappleshot to one of the support beams over the walkway you're on, and then grapple up to the central beam to get the Skull.


Halo Infinite Mythic Skull
It's hard to tell with so many godrays but there's a hidden door WAYYYYY up there

Halo Infinite Skull Collectibles - Mythic Skull

Location: Reformation, The Command Spire

Description: Because it wasn't hard enough. Enemies have increased health.

Continue through the level until you get to the large gravlift that spits you out into a large orange room. The orange light is being cast from energy walls that the Halo Material is passing through. Follow the path of the material moving around two of the orange energy fields. When you're past those energy fields use your grapple to get through the hole in the ceiling. After getting up a few levels you'll see a doorway, follow this path to reach the Skull.


Halo Infinite Skull Collectibles - Grunt Birthday Party

Location: Reckoning, Repository

Partway through the level, you'll get to a large room with a hard light bridge extending to the center of it. After a cutscene, a second bridge will appear to the other side but there are two more doors only accessible via grappleshot. In one is a power seed, and there's a place to put the power seed on the other side. Later on in the level you'll get to a portion where the pathway splits. In the large room in one of the splits look above you and you'll find an opening above some arches. This is where you'll find the Grunt Birthday Party Skull.


Halo Infinite Skull Collectibles - Bandanna

Location: Endless, Silent Auditorium

Unlike other Skulls that you only need to find the bandanna Skull has special requirements to unlock. To earn the Bandanna Skull you need to complete the entirety of the Silent Auditorium without killing a single Sentinel. A tip for the slow-moving platform is to have a fully upgraded drop shield, this will allow you to find a cozy corner to camp out in only moving when you need to. At the end of the level you'll be able to turn to your left and see an impressive elevator to go up to the final battle, or you can continue straight ahead to the next light bridge where the door will unlock allowing you access to this skull. 


Halo Infinite Thunderstorm Skull

Halo Infinite Skull Collectibles - Thunderstorm Skull

Location: Reformation, General Area Collectible

Description: Promotions for everybody. Upgrades the rank of most enemies.

From FOB Juliet fly directly north towards the large metal mountain. To the East of the main peak is a small singular metal pipe that stretches high into the sky. You can find the Thunderstorm Skull at the very top. You could get up here with the Grappleshot alone, but it's much easier to just drop onto the top.


​​Halo Infinite Fog Skull

Halo Infinite Skull Collectibles - Fog Skull

Location: Connections, General Area Collectible

Description: They could be anywhere. DIsables motion tracker.

Head West from FOB Alpha in the Connections area. Walk down the ridge on the South side of the mountain. The cliff will turn from dirt and rock into the metal hexagons that make up the ring. As you're turning back North to walk under the metal overhang look above you for a small opening. Grapple up to it and you'll find the Skull here.


Halo Infinite Fog Skull

Halo Infinite Skull Collectibles - Blind Skull

Location: Lockdown, General Area Collectible

Description: Great for shooting photos, bad for shooting enemies. HUD and weapon do not display onscreen.

From the Carrera Squad head south towards the huge ravine that runs North to South down this region. You'll have to stay low and keep an eye out for a small ledge right next to some rock formations.


Halo Infinite IWHBYD Skull
That's right, ALLL the way on the top

Halo Infinite Skull Collectibles - IWHBYD Skull

Location: Lockdown, The Tower

Description: Did they really just say that? Rare combat dialogue becomes more common.

You can find this Skull at the very top of The Tower. You can make it up here by upgrading the recovery speed of your grappleshot and making your way up the side of the building. There is a difficult part where you need to grapple a low hanging spire and then immediately turn around and grapple up to the roof of the building. If you're having difficulties with this, or are in no particular rush to collect this Skull then you can return later when you have access to a flying vehicle.


Halo Infinite Famine Skull

Halo Infinite Skull Collectibles - Famine Skull

Location: Reformation, General Area Collectible

Description: I'm out! Weapons dropped by enemies have half the ammo they normally would.

To the far East of this area is a small piece of land not connected to anything else. It is slightly to the South-East of one of the Beacons, you'll need a flying vehicle to get over to it.


Halo Infinite Black Eye Skull

Halo Infinite Skull Collectibles - Black Eye Skull

Location: Reformation, General Area Collectible

Description: Better get punchy. Your shields only recharge when you melee enemies.

Head West from Riven Gate down the road until you see water on your left. Follow this water down until it becomes a waterfall. If you go to the bottom of the waterfall and then turn around you'll see a source of light peeking through. Grapple up to this hole and make your way through to find a hidden cave with this skull.


Halo Infinite Catch Skull

Halo Infinite Skull Collectibles - Catch Skull

Location: Connections, General Area Collectible

Description: Hold these for us. Enemies throw and drop more grenades.

From Inka 'Saham in the very far North West of the map head to the West. Look for a deep valley between the mountain that will be appearing to your south, there will also be a small body of water here. Drop down, watch out for the two Hunters, and pick up this Skull from its pedestal.



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