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Master Chief is back in action once again with Halo Infinite now being out and in everyone's hands. For returning fans they'll see a lot of familiar gameplay with Master Chief skulking through spaceship hallways facing off against hordes of alien enemies, there's also a fairly big change in the form of the open-world format, and with it an increased number of hidden collectibles. In this Halo Infinite Collectible Guide we'll go over what each of the collectibles is, and the breakdown of the different missions and what they hold.

What are the Halo Infinite collectibles?

Halo Infinite has been filled with a number of different collectible items. These include the following:

  • Mjolnir Lockers
    • These unlock cosmetics to be used in Halo Infinite's Multiplayer
  • Banished Audio Log
  • Spartan Cores
  • Skulls
  • UNSC Audio Logs
    • These are be broken up into UNSC logs, or Spartan logs when viewed via the tactmap
  • Forerunner Archives
  • Propaganda Towers

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Each of the areas that you travel to in Halo Infinite will have specific collectibles numbered on the Tactmap. The beginning of Halo Infinite begins linearly and because of that the collectibles on the Map Marker will be all the collectibles you'll be able to find in that area, but once you're in the Open World things get very different. Once you're in the open-world portion of Halo Infinite you'll be able to check FOB outposts and interest points to get an idea of specifically how many collectibles are at that location, but there can also be Audio logs scattered around the map for you to collect.

When you clear a FOB outpost the following details will be shown on your map, because of that we will not be listing the locations of Spartan Cores or Mjolnir Lockers in the overworld.

  • Banished Outposts, Targets, and Squads
  • Spartan Cores
  • Mjolnir Lockers

If a location is referenced and you don't have it on your map complete each of the FOB in the area to locate it.

Halo Infinite Level Collectibles

  1. Ringfall Collectibles
    • 1x Mjolnir Locker
    • 3x Banished Audio Log
    • 3x Spartan Core
    • 2x Skull
    • 4x UNSC Audio Log
  2. Lockdown Collectibles
    • 5x Mjolnir Locker
    • 3x Banished Audio Logs
    • 8x Spartan Cores
    • 2x Skulls
    • 12x UNSC Audio Log
    • 2x Forerunner Artifacts
    • 5x Propaganda Towers
  3. Connections Collectibles
    • 14x Mjolnir Lockers
    • 10x Banished Audio Logs
    • 14x Spartan Lockers
    • 2x Skulls
    • 26x UNSC Audio Logs
    • 2x Forerunner Artifacts
    • 18x Propaganda Towers
  4. Graveyards Collectibles
    • 1x Mjolnir Locker
    • 3x Banished Audio Logs
    • 5x Spartan Cores
    • 5x UNSC Audio Logs
    • 4x Propaganda Towers
  5. Reformation Collectibles
    • 13x Mjolnir Locker
    • 8x Banished Audio Logs
    • 15x Spartan Cores
    • 4x Skulls
    • 25x UNSC Audio Logs
    • 3x Artifacts
    • 13x Propaganda Towers
  6. Reckoning Collectibles
    • 1x Banished Audio Logs
    • 1x Skulls
    • 3x UNSC Audio Logs
  7. Endless Collectibles

Halo Infinite Reformation Collectible Guide 02

By collecting all of the above items and completing other regional objectives you'll be working towards earning the following Achievements

  • Dispatches From the Front Achievement - Access your first UNSC Audio Log
  • Canon Collector Achievement - Unlock all UNSC Audio Logs
  • Two Sides to Every Story Achievement - Access your first Banished Audio Log
  • Know Your Enemy Achievement - Unlock all Banished Audio Logs
  • Infinity Down Achievement - Access your first Spartan Audio Log
  • Rubicon Protocol Achievement - Unlock all Spartan Audio Logs
  • Eld Aficionado Achievement - Scan a Forerunner Artifact
  • Haruspis Achievement - Scan all seven Forerunner Artifacts
  • Headstrong Achievement - Discover your first hidden Skull
  • Catacomb Achievement - Discover all hidden Skulls


Halo Infinite Database Checklist

In your menu, you can pull up and view all collectible data that you've obtained so far, aside from Mjolnir Locker unlocks. Use the below to find out which item you might be missing, and where you can go to find it.

UNSC Audio Logs

  • Recovered Files - 4 Total
    1. The Plan - Automatically unlocked at the start of the game
    2. The Question
    3. The Mission - Nexus
    4. The Weapon - Repository
  • The Prisoner - 7 Total
    1. Not My Fault - Foundation
    2. What was inside - inside The Tower
    3. She Was Smiling - Excavation Site, Inside
    4. Looks like we're still looking for this collectible
    5. Barely Anything Left - Nexus
    6. Price Paid - Repository
    7. 42410-02214-LB - House of Wreckoning
  • Outpost Intel - 14 Total
    1. Miscommunication - Armory of Reckoning
    2. No Entry - Armory of Reckoning
    3. Nowhere to Hide - Horn of Abolition
    4. They Are Listening - Horn of Abolition
    5. The Ally - Forge of Teash
    6. Digging Deeper - Forge of Teash
    7. Escape Plan - Redoubt of Sundering
    8. Last Ditch Effort - redoubt of sundering
    9. To Andrew Valleros - Lockdown - Ransom Keep
    10. Making Ends Meet - Lockdown - Ransom Keep
    11. A Hastily-Assembled Plan - Annex Ridge
    12. Hitching A Ride - Annex Ridge
    13. Trench Warfare - Riven Gate
    14. Convalescence - Riven Gate
  • Infinity's Approach - 12 Total
    1. Preparations - FOB Golf
    2. Captain's Report - FOB Foxtrot
    3. Connections - FOB Echo
    4. Arrival - FOB Delta
    5. Zero Hour - FOB Charlie
    6. Ingress - FOB Beta
    7. Objectives - FOB Alpha
    8. Losing Ground - FOB Lima
    9. Taurus - FOB November
    10. Priorities - FOB Juliet
    11. Egress - FOB Kilo
    12. Abandon Ship - FOB Hotel

Banished Audio Logs

  • Archeological Findings - 4 Total
    1. Reintroduction - Reformation, North Beacon Tower
    2. Assumptions - Reformation, East Beacon Tower
    3. Xalanyn - Reformation, South East Beacon Tower
    4. A Curious Directive - Reformation, South West Beacon Tower
  • Escharum's Testimony - 9 Total
    1. Loss - Ringfall, Warship Gbraakon
    2. Cylix - Ringfall, Foundation
    3. Harbinger - The Tower
    4. Demon - Excavation Site, inside
    5. Reformation - Pelican Down, South of West AA Gun
    6. Home - Pelican Down, North AA Gun
    7. Loyalties - Pelican Down, East AA Gun
    8. Victory - House of Reckoning
    9. Unknown Title - House of Reckoning
  • Outpost Intel - 15 Total
    1. Of Unrest and Unggoy - Armory of Reckoning
    2. A Warning - Armory of Reckoning
    3. A Boon - Horn of Abolition
    4. Our New Home - Horn of Abolition
    5. Re: Damnable Eyes - Forge of Teash
    6. Secrets Below - Forge of Teash
    7. That which remains - Redoubt of Sundering
    8. Remain vigilant - Redoubt of Sundering
    9. Unnatural Defences - Ransom Keep
    10. The Dream of Atriox - Ransom Keep
    11. Slow and Steady - Annex Ridge
    12. Whispers From The Past - Annex Ridge
    13. The Great Spine - Riven Gate
    14. Encroaching Glory - Riven Gate
    15. In Your Honor - Ringfall

Spartan Audio Logs

  • Evacuation - 7 Total
    1. Infinity Down - Ringfall
    2. Home Defense - Lockdown
    3. Touchdown - Lockdown
    4. Perfect Aim - Lockdown
    5. Overwatch - Lockdown
    6. Looks like we're still looking for this collectible
    7. Looks like we're still looking for this collectible
  • Ringfall - 8 Total
    1. Enemy Territory - near Forge of Tease. Connections General Collectible
    2. The Calm Before - Lockdown, General Area Collectible
    3. Looks like we're still looking for this collectible
    4. Looks like we're still looking for this collectible
    5. Looks like we're still looking for this collectible
    6. Looks like we're still looking for this collectible
    7. Looks like we're still looking for this collectible
    8. Looks like we're still looking for this collectible
  • Reverie - 6 Total
    1. Home Away From Home - Foxhound Squad
    2. Debrief - Pelican Down
    3. Choke Hold - Connections, General Area Collectible
    4. On The Mend - Excavation Site
    5. Looks like we're still looking for this collectible
    6. Looks like we're still looking for this collectible
  • Retaliation - 8 Total
    1. The Mission - Pelican Down
    2. Those Left Behind - Pelican Down
    3. Confrontation - Pelican Down
    4. Reverie's End - Pelican Down
    5. Encroachment - Reformation, General Area Collectible
    6. Drawing the Line - Reformation, General Area Collectible
    7. Red Tide - Reformation, General Area Collectible
    8. Looks like we're still looking for this collectible
  • Scattered - 9 Total
    1. Rubicon Protocol - Reformation, Area Collectible
    2. What Lies Beneath - Reformation, Area Collectible
    3. Inquiries - Reformation, Area Collectible
    4. Looks like we're still looking for this collectible
    5. Looks like we're still looking for this collectible
    6. Looks like we're still looking for this collectible
    7. Looks like we're still looking for this collectible
    8. Looks like we're still looking for this collectible
    9. Looks like we're still looking for this collectible

Halo Infinite Forerunner Archives Guide 01

Halo Infinite Forerunner Archives - 7 Total

There are seven Forerunner Archives that can be found across the map. Each of these is a small series of rings, the one that you will interact with is glowing blue. With each of the Artifacts, you find you'll unlock a new sequential Audio Log. You can discover where to find each of the Forerunner Archives in our Halo Infinite Forerunner Archives Collectibles Guide.

  • Artifact 1: Connections
  • Artifact 2: Connections
  • Artifact 3: Lockdown
  • Artifact 4: Lockdown
  • Artifact 5: Reformation
  • Artifact 6: Reformation
  • Artifact 7: Reformation

Halo Infinite Skulls - 12 Total

There are twelve Skulls that can be found across the map, and in certain levels. After you obtain a Skull it will be available to view in the Tactmap's Database screen. You can discover where to find each of the Skulls in our Halo Infinite Skull Collectibles Guide.

  1. Boom Skull - Ringfall, Warship Gbraakon
  2. Cowbell - Ringfall, The Foundation
  3. Mythic - Reformation, The Command Spire
  4. Grunt Birthday Party - Reckoning, Repository
  5. Looks like we're still looking for this collectible
  6. Thunderstorm - Reformation, General Area Collectible
  7. Fog - Connections, General Area Collectible
  8. Blind - Lockdown, General Area Collectible
  9. IWHBYD - Lockdown, The Tower
  10. Famine - Reformation, General Area Collectible
  11. Blackeye - Reformation, General Area Collectible
  12. Catch - Connections, General Area Collectible



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