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343 Industries
Microsoft Studios
Release Date
December 8, 2021 (Calendar)
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The long-awaited Halo Infinite by 343 Industries is finally here. 

Master Chief returns as Halo Infinite picks up the story after Halo 5: Guardians said to be a story more centered around Master Chief and making him seem much more human. Featuring updated gameplay and the most smooth graphical upgrades to allow HD and 4K visual fidelity, Halo: Infinite delivers what fans of the series would expect. 

The biggest innovation for Halo: Infinite is it's multiplayer, which has been re-imagined as a free-to-play multiplayer mode. Released separately from the main campaign, Halo Infinite's multiplayer will have plenty for players to sink their teeth into,  from seasonal updates to gameplay modes and maps, and even 4-play squad combat and big team battles making a return to form. 

Halo: Infinite is available for the PC and Xbox Series S and X. The multiplayer is free to play on the PC and Xbox Series S and X. 


Developer Quote

The Master Chief returns in Halo Infinite – the next chapter of the legendary franchise beginning holiday 2020! Developed by 343 Industries for the entire Xbox family of devices, including Project Scarlett and Windows PCs, Halo Infinite continues the Halo 5: Guardians storyline and takes the franchise in ambitious and unexpected directions, powered by the all-new Slipspace Engine.

Legendary Multiplayer, Freed: Halo’s celebrated multiplayer returns, reimagined and free-to-play! Seasonal updates evolve the experience over time with unique events, new modes and maps, and community-focused content.

Arena: Halo returns to its roots with fair starts, on-map equipment, and 4-player squads to offer the ultimate arena-shooter experience.

 Big Team Battle: Create endless combat possibilities by mixing and matching a rich variety of weapons, vehicles and equipment to experience big-team mayhem and fun that embraces the full spectrum of the Halo sandbox.

Spartan Customization: Become a Spartan that’s uniquely your own with a rich and deep player customization system. Earn and discover new cosmetic items simply by playing campaign or multiplayer. Or to obtain even more cosmetic rewards, purchase a Battle Pass that never expires and unlock new content at your own pace.

Cross-Generation and Cross-Platform Gaming: Halo Infinite provides an amazing experience across the Xbox One and newer family of consoles as well as PC with stunning 4k graphics and world-class cross-platform play. And, on Xbox Series X as well as supported PCs, enjoy enhanced features like up to 120FPS and greatly reduced load times creating seamless gameplay that ushers in the next generation of gaming.