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The Master Chief is back in action once again in Halo Infinite. Picking up from the end of Halo 5: Guardians Master Chief finds himself floating above Zeta Halo in search of Cortana and what has happened to her since they last saw one another. Before you dive into the full campaign this Halo Infinite Campaign Tips and Tricks guide will impart a few spoiler free tips that you should have at your disposal.

Halo Infinite Campaign Tips and Tricks - Can I replay campaign missions?

Over the course of the Halo Infinite campaign there will be missions that take place in the open air of Zeta Halo. While you can't replay the contents of the mission, this could be something like destroying an outpost, you are able to revisit the locations themselves. This is excellent if you're looking around for any of the different Skulls or Audio Logs.

There are a number of missions that take you deep into Banished Structures, or into the mechanisms of the Zeta Halo ring itself. At the moment there are NOT replayable. We have heard that while this functionality isn't available at the moment it is something that is planned to be added to Halo Infinite post-launch.

Halo Infinite Tips and Tricks Tank

Halo Infinite Campaign Tips and Tricks - What else is coming post-launch?

Halo Infinite is certainly having a somewhat staggered feature release. Along with the ability to replay campaign missions, which doesn't have an estimated date, there are two more features players can look forward to.

  • Campaign Co-op will be releasing with Season Two of Halo Infinite which is currently set to launch in May 2022
  • Forge mode will be releasing with Season Three which doesn't have any projected release window

Whether you want to look at this as Halo Infinite being feature-lite, or if there's just more on the roadmap to look forward to is up to you.

Halo Infinite Campaign Tips and Tricks - What to look for while playing the Campaign?

There's over a dozen main campaign missions to dig into in Halo Infinite but with the first leap into an open-world setting there's a lot more to do. Some of the things you can enjoy exploring the open world are as follows:

  • Banished Outposts - These are bases you can choose how you wish to approach. Each with its own objectives you can take these over and cripple the Banished forces.
  • Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) - These small UNSC outposts act as the map revealing objective adding important locations and collectibles to your map.
  • Mjolnir Lockers - These storage lockers that can be found on the overworld unlock a variety of cosmetics that you can use in the multiplayer.

There are plenty of collectibles in the area to look for too, these will show up when you're close and using your scan but most of the collectibles won't appear on the map.

Halo Infinite Tips and Tricks Shield

Halo Infinite Campaign Tips and Tricks - Upgrade Master Chief with Spartan Cores

An important collectible you'll come across is Spartan Cores, you can spend these to upgrade your equipment that you unlock through story progression.

  • Grapple shot - Start of the game
    • Voltaic - 1 Spartan Core - Grappleshot stuns grappled enemies for several seconds
    • Quick shot - 2 Spartan Core - Reduces Grapple shot cool down by 40%
    • First Strike - 3 Spartan Cores - Delivers a powerful shockwave blast when holding melee while grappling
    • Reachfall - 3 Spartan Cores - Increases damage and radius of the shockwave blast. Enemies within it will be stunned.
  • Shield Core - Obtained through the second mission "Foundation"
    • Fortress - 1 Spartan Core - Increases shield capacity by an additional 15% of base shield strength.
    • Bastille - 2 Spartan Core - Increases shield capacity by an additional 15% of base shield strength.
    • Redoubt - 3 Spartan Cores - Increases shield capacity by an additional 15% of base shield strength.
    • Citadel - 3 Spartan Cores - Increases shield capacity by an additional 15% of base shield strength.
  • Threat Sensor Core - Obtained after going up the Gravity in The Tower mission
    • Seeker - 1 Spartan Core - Increases threat sensor detection radius by 50%
    • Operative - 2 Spartan Cores - Adds a second charge to the threat sensor
    • Clairvoyant - 3 Spartan Cores - Reduces threat sensor cool down by 40%
    • Omniscience - 3 Spartan Cores - Adds uninterrupted enemy visibility to the threat sensor and reveals their health
  • Drop Wall Core - Obtained after entering the Observatory
    • Swift Shelter - 1 Spartan Core - Reduces Drop Wall cooldown by 20%
    • Rampart - 2 Spartan Cores - Increases Drop Wall strength by 35%
    • Blockade - 3 Spartan Cores - Increases Drop Wall strength by 70% and increases wall size
    • Direct Current - 3 Spartan Cores - Adds shock damage to any projectiles fired through the Drop Wall
  • Thruster Core - Obtained deeper in the Observatory
    • Afterburner - 1 Spartan Core - Adds a second charge to your Thruster
    • Thermal Control - 2 Spartan Core - Reduces Thruster cooldown by 20%
    • Impulse - 3 Spartan Cores - Adds significant power to the Thruster, allowing further and faster travel
    • Escape Velocity - 3 Spartan Cores - Adds a personal cloak effect to the Thruster, lasting 4 seconds after activation

While all of the equipment is very fun to use the Grappleshot is by far the most useful of all of these tools. On top of regular grappling here are some of the other functions that you'll want to know about:

  • After obtaining the first upgrade your grapple recharges faster than you fall which will allow you to scale pretty much any surface. Climb the tallest mountains one grappleshot at a time
  • If you hit a Jackal with a hardlight shield with your grappleshot it will knock the shield away, tie it with a quick melee attack or shot to the head for efficient killing
  • The final upgrade for the Grappleshot is excellent for killing close groups of enemies. Once you have this shockwave unlocked you can also hit the ground near shielded enemies to stun them without having to worry about them knocking away your grapple
  • Jump and grapple the ground in front of you to increase your traversal speed. Time a sequential jump after touching the ground to maintain this momentum an even further distance.

It's important to not that there are many more Spartan Cores than there are needs to use them. After fully upgrading Master Chief I was left with over 5 Spartan Cores left.

Halo Infinite Campaign Tips and Tricks - When do you get access to fast-traveling?

After you take down your first FOB station, FOB Golf, the Weapon will allow fast travel to be unlocked. You will be able to fast travel to any of the FOB stations you've unlocked around the map.

Halo Infinite Tips and Tricks Targets

Halo Infinite Campaign Tips and Tricks - Efficient ways to search for collectibles and take out targets?

You can spend plenty of time hunting down collectibles in the overworld but if you're interested in searching the most efficient way it's recommended to complete all of the Valor obtaining objectives like Banished Outposts, FOB Outposts, and UNSC soldiers under attack and work your way towards being able to call in a Wasp. Unlike a Banshee you can use your scan while flying in the Wasp so it's the perfect vehicle to fly above any commotion while getting to your objective.

For many of the High Value Targets staying back in the air and picking at them with the Wasp is also the most efficient way to take them, and all of their allies out.

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