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Halo Infinite Ranking Tips

Playing Halo Infinite casually is an absolute blast. Whether you are mixing it up with a little bit of Fiesta or hopping in a Wasp and gatling down some scrubs in Big Team Battle, it’s always a hoot. For those wanting a more refined, competitive experience, then Ranked Arena is the mode for you. Here's a few tips on how to rank up fast in Halo Infinite by getting some baseline habits and skills down.

Not only does Ranked Arena remove your Motion Tracker, but it swaps out your starting loadout, reduces ammo capacity on most weapons, and removes all randomness from the game. This is a hardcore experience that can be quite daunting to hop into. Once you’re in though, you’re hooked. We are going to give you some tips on how to quickly climb the ranks.

Master The Battle Rifle

Everyone starts with a Battle Rifle in Ranked Arena, which is a stark change from every other playlist available. The Battle Rifle is a precision weapon that excels at mid-range combat. It fires in three-round bursts and it can be quite the monster in the right person's hands.

Being a precision weapon with a scope, you can zoom in a fair amount for more accurate fire, but bear in mind, if you are shot whilst zooming in, you are jolted back to your regular view. You need to get used to hip firing the Battle Rifle, and hip firing effectively.

Halo Infinite BR

The quickest way to kill someone in Halo Infinite is to shoot them in the head when their shields are down. Whilst shields are up, it doesn’t matter where you shoot as the damage does not scale based on location. This is important to remember because you can aim for a Spartan’s body and not lose out when it comes to damage.

The only headshot that matters is that last rattling burst. It takes 3 bursts to drop someone's shields, meaning, if you perfectly land a headshot on the fourth trigger-pull, you’ll get the kill. Alternatively, two bursts to the body followed by a melee attack works wonders too.

Hone Your Aim

Because Power Weapons are so limited in Ranked Arena, you need to get to grips with your regular kit. The best way to improve your accuracy is to run Drills in the Academy - one of the best modes Halo Infinite has to offer.

The Academy lets you use any weapon in the game and take you through a series of challenges. You are graded on your performance, and it’s pretty darn difficult to land those 3-star ratings. If you are struggling to handle the Sidearm, Commando, or any weapon in the game, then running drills will improve your in-game performance.

The best time to run drills would be as a warm-up. Nobody likes sitting there and grinding challenges for hours, so take a few minutes every session to warm up your sausages and then get stuck into some Ranked.

Don’t forget you can also mess around with your sensitivity settings in the options menu. This can really up your game. The system is rather robust, but we have a guide to walk you through that.

Halo Bazaar Map

Learn The Maps

Halo Infinite didn’t launch with too many maps, which is a good thing when it comes to learning where to go, what to do, and why you are doing it. Ranked Arena doesn’t randomise weapon or equipment spawns, so you need to know where the best loot is, and when it’s going to land.

This also leans into the next benefit of learning maps - you will know where the enemy will want to go. If you know the Bulldog is spawning down that alley, then you can not only get there first but pick off any Spartan foolish enough to go off looking for a new boomstick.

Finally, being able to move around the map effectively is very important. It is rarely a good idea to move aimlessly in Halo Infinite, so having a destination in mind, and a rock-solid plan on how to get there can lead to some devastating flanks, ambushes, and daring escapes. Remember, not all games are about killing, and sometimes you just need to get out of dodge with a glowing skull.

Play The Objective

Slayer might be in the Ranked Arena pool, but you can’t count on it appearing every time you queue up. Objective games are simply unavoidable, and if you want to rank up, you will need to get good at them. Nobody wants a lone wolf on their team who runs around getting random kills when the team is trying to secure the Ball, or capture a point.

Knowing when to drop the ball and start blasting, or when to fall back from an objective to recuperate lost health, is important. Dying is universally a bad idea, so be aware of your surroundings, be prepared to adapt on the fly, and for the love of god…

Halo Infinite Team

…Stick Together

If you are losing any game of Halo Infinite, take a second to think - what are we doing wrong. 9/10, you are not working together. Instead of a tightly-knit team of Spartans, you are four useless sacks of potatoes running in and getting slaughtered one at a time. There are a few ways to fix this problem.

Firstly, pick a dude (or a cluster of dudes), and stick to them like a lost puppy. Even if they aren’t aware you are forcing them to work with you, combat will start to go better. This is the easiest way to get a team working together, but not the most effective.

Halo Infinite has voice and text chat. Use it. Sometimes it just takes one person typing in chat: “Stick together” for a game to go from a catastrophic defeat to a hard-fought victory. This is a team game - work as a team. Most people can’t go 1v4, so bring some mates to even those odds.

Oh, and for those Oddball games, you gotta stick with your carrier. Have someone in front, someone behind, and someone ready to pick up the ball if it all goes to pot. A lone ball carrier is easy pickings. Keep them protected by working together.

Halo Infinite Voice

Marking and Voice Chat

Marking targets and voice communication go a long way. Marking is super simple. Hit a button, then your team gets a visual indicator of what you pointed at. This can be used to mark weapons, power items, power weapons, and even enemy positions. If you see someone is flanking, mark it so your team can adapt.

If you have a microphone, then use it. As good as marking is, just telling your team: “left, left, left” can turn a devastating ambush for your opponent, into a sweeping push for your team. People are very susceptible to being led, so lead them. Any call is better than no call at all because you have 3 mates covering your ass.

Use Equipment

Finally, use equipment. Every piece of equipment is powerful in Halo Infinite, so use them. If you are about to turn a corner or enter a dangerous zone, throw down a drop wall in advance. This immediately gives you an advantage in an impromptu gunfight. Use Spartan Charge to get around corners quickly, or dart in an unexpected direction to throw off the enemy's aim.

Grappleshot can be used to flank enemies, quickly get around the map, close distance, and, in conjunction with a gravity hammer, energy sword, or Bulldog, wreck havoc. The most important piece of equipment, however, is the Repulsor.

The Repulsor counters so many things in Halo Infinite, so mastering it can turn you into a supporting powerhouse. Enemies throwing grenades? Repulsor them right back at them. The enemy got a SPNKR? Repulsor that rocket straight into the enemy team. Energy Sword, or Gravity Hammer running towards you? Repulsor them away and gun them down. Some maps even have death drops, so launch your enemies off of those too.

Halo Infinite Death

Close The Salt Mine

The last tip for ranking up is to take a break. Even the coolest cat - the most refreshed of cucumbers - can lose their edge once they get doused in salt. If you are getting angry or emotional, cut back on the sodium and have a break. Run some drills, pour yourself a cup of PG Tips, get your mojo back, and then jump back in.

If you aren’t at your best, then you are going to not only drag your rank down but also the ranks of everyone else on your team. There’s no shame in taking a step back and having a chill. Take breaks, and drink some water. Hydration is important.

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