Dying Light 2 The Wharf Collectibles Guide

Last Update: July 13, 2022


The filled Wharf.

Dying Light 2 has a lot of areas to explore and the Wharf stands out for leading out into the water. This area is a bit smaller than others and has a layout of different clusters of buildings with wide streets that have elevated train rails running through them. The most notable location is the huge PK ship called Missy docked at the harbor. Despite its size, there are still a fair number of collectibles to find and some of them will require you to be at a very specific part of the story and have the right Nightrunner equipment.

Dying Light 2 Wharf Collectibles Map

Dying Light 2 Wharf Collectibles Map

There are over 10 collectibles to find around the Wharf while exploring. However, if you're hoping to collect them all in one fell swoop, you'll need to have progressed to a certain point in the story. One of the bigger missions involves you climbing to the top of the VNC Tower which is the tallest building in the whole city. It's also one of the longer missions so be prepared for a long session. During this mission, you'll get your hands on the Grappling Hook which is the last Nightrunner tool. After you finish climbing to the top, you'll be all set to get all the collectibles.


Collectibles come in three forms: Recordings, Notes, and Grafitti. While the first two can be hard to find due to their small size, you can find Murals painted around the city. Here's how to find each Wharf collectible.

Dying Light 2: The Wharf Recording Locations

A GRE entrance.

R1 - A GRE Report: At the very bottom of the Wharf area in the corner is a GRE Darkzone. Wait until night and then enter the building through the entrance on the top. Make your way to the first open floor and look for the Inhibitor containment room. Once inside, you'll find Recording sitting on a nearby desk.

R2 - A Status Report: After you get access to the PK ship base, look for an area with a sign saying "Quarters". You can make your way here from the central area and up the stairs. Once there, head to the room at the end of the hallway in the far corner to find the Recording on a desk.

R3 - A Nightrunner Journal: You'll need the Grappling Hook for this one. There's a very tall building at a corner on the west side bordering the Downtown area. Head towards it and begin the climb up. You'll need to use a combination of climbing, swinging, grappling, and going through dark areas. At the top, you'll find a Nightrunner Safe Zone and the Recording on a crate nearby.

Dying Light 2: The Wharf Grafitti Locations

A Metro Station at night.


G1 - Death Girl: There's a block at this location that hides a Dark Hollow. On the side that's not facing the street is the Grafitti. You'll have to climb onto an air conditioner to get the paint.

G2 - Hellfire Sausage: On the same side of the building as Death Girl, but on the opposite outside wall is this Grafitti. The paint cans will be on a terrace nearby.


G3 - Plague Doctor: On the street along the water, there's a closed block of buildings next to the Metro Station. Go to the gap in the block to see the Grafitti on your right.

G4 - Pestilence: This Grafitti is on the opposite wall facing the Plague Doctor.

Dying Light 2: The Wharf Note Locations

A PK Metro.

N1 - A Metro Map: After you unlock the PK boat base, you'll also unlock a nearby Metro Station. Go inside to find the Note on a table where your bed and stash are located.

N2 - An Infected Playing Card: On the mid-lower area in the center of the PK ship, there will be a line of restaurants. Look for the one called "Rat On A Stick" and go to the cubbies nearby. This Note will be in one of them.


N3 - A Recipe: While still in the restaurant area, look for one called "Herrington Lighthouse". There will be a bunch of tables and a counter in the corner. Go behind the counter to find this Note.



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