Dying Light 2 Horseshoe Collectibles Guide

Last Update: February 9, 2022


Dying Light 2 Horseshoe Collectibles

Dying Light 2 Stay Human continues the story of a world plagued by the THV Virus that turned the majority of the population into the walking dead. In the new setting of Villedor players must seek to avoid zombies as Aiden, there's plenty to be on the lookout for such as Notes, Recordings, and Graffiti. In this Dying Light 2 Horseshoe Collectible Guide we'll go over where to find the different collectibles we've found in the Horseshoe region of Old Villedor.

A tricky part about Dying Light 2 Stay Human Collectibles isn't just how many of them, but how there are no indicators of how many are present in each region. We here at TechRaptor have combed the region from top to bottom and have collected everything we can find, unfortunately, there's no way to know if we've collected everything though. If you find something that we missed feel free to drop it in the comments below!


Dying Light 2 Horseshoe Collectibles Map

Dying Light 2 Horseshoe Collectibles Map

Dying Light 2 Horseshoe - Notes

N1. Infected Playing Card
Go to the Settlement in the far South of Horseshoe and you'll get the Infected Intelligence Quiz quest marker. Complete this successfully to obtain this card. 

If you get an answer wrong Z will tell you to come back later. Unfortunately, you can't just leave and return so wait some time and then come back when you have a bit more information on the special zombies.

Dying Light 2 Horseshoe - Recordings

R1. Cheatkins for Villedor
Ascend the tower from Jack and Joe's Camp in north Horseshoe towards the GRE Airdrop. After getting to the top of one tower and entering another the recording will be on a table in front of you.


R2. Tourism Office of Villedor - Horseshoe
At the very top of the Horseshoe Water Tower, where you meet Jack and Joe, there is a recording next to the objective

Dying Light 2 Horseshoe - Graffiti

G1. Lullaby
As part of the quest The Only Way Out you'll enter an apartment looking for Maya. This graffiti is inside the apartment.

G2. Monkey Business
This Graffiti can be found in Horseshoe directly West of the Maple Windmill.


G3. Wonderland
Run directly away from the PKs main base in the train station and you'll see this directly in front of you as you come into the Horseshoe region.

G4. Mechanical Animals
Travel North-West down the road from Maple Windmill. Once you get near the UV Light Marker from the building turn around to face the Windmill and you'll see this on the wall in front of you.


G5. Skull Hammer
In Horseshoe head to the piece of broken highway to the East just South of the safehouse. Here you'll find the graffiti on the support beam so no worry about climbing anywhere.

G6. Your Whole World is a Bulka
This Graffiti is on the North facing wall at the back of the THV Genomics Center Quarantine Building in South Horseshoe.

G7. Temper Temper
This Graffiti can be found on the West facing arm of the THV Genomics Center Quarantine Building in South Horseshoe.

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