Dying Light 2 Bazaar Mission - "The Only Way Out” Guide

Last Update: February 3, 2022


Dying Light 2 Survivors in the Bazaar

Early in the main story of Dying Light 2, you will come across a mission called “The Only Way Out”. One of the steps in this mission is to Meet the People of the Bazaar, which can become confusing once you’ve spoken to everyone and nothing in the mission progresses. Not to worry, as we’re here to help you move on from the Bazaar and continue your journey in Villedor. Here's how to complete the Bazaar Mission "The Only Way Out."

How to Meet the People of the Bazaar in the Dying Light 2 Bazaar Mission

Your first step is to use Survivor Sense and locate any characters in the Bazaar who have a green aura around them. These are characters which are interactable and usually story or mission-related. There’s two characters in particular that we are focused on, who are also notable due to the exclamation mark above their heads. 

Dying Light 2's Carlos
Say Hi to Carlos!

The first character you need to speak to is directly in front of you once you enter the Bazaar. He offers a side quest called “The Spark of Invention”. Once you’ve spoken to him and received the side quest, turn around 180 degrees and head forward and to the right, where you’ll find someone else with an exclamation mark above their head. Speak to Julian, in which a small cutscene will play where he’s accused of poisoning someone. Once the other people leave, speak to Julian again where you’ll be offered the side quest “Cheers!”. 

Dying Light 2's Julian
Say Hello to Julian! 

Once you’ve received both side quests, enter your character menu where you learnt how to craft, upgrade skills etc. and head to the Journal tab. Hover over the first side quest from Carlos, “The Spark of Invention” and track it. This side quest stays pretty close to the Bazaar and is fairly quick compared to the other side quest. 

When you’ve completed Carlo’s quests and received your rewards, go back to the Journal menu and hover over the “Cheers!” quest and track it. While the quest is set for players who are Rank 2, it isn’t difficult to complete, but it is slightly longer as it takes you further from the Bazaar. It would be a good idea to craft some medicine though, as there’s a few fights that take place.

When you complete “Cheers!”, you’ll be back in the Bazaar, where Hakon will contact you and you’ll move onto the next step of this mission. From here, things are back to normal and it’s a matter of tracking the mission as usual. Simply follow the quest's instructions and continue the story!

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