Dying Light 2 Quarry End Collectibles Guide

Last Update: February 9, 2022


Dying Light 2 Quarry End Collectibles

Dying Light 2 Stay Human continues the story of a world plagued by the THV Virus that turned the majority of the population into the walking dead. In the new setting of Villedor players must seek to avoid zombies as Aiden, there's plenty to be on the lookout for such as Notes, Recordings, and Graffiti. In this Dying Light 2 Quarry End Collectible Guide we'll go over where to find the different collectibles we've found in the Quarry End region of Old Villedor.

A tricky part about Dying Light 2 Stay Human Collectibles isn't just how many of them, but how there are no indicators of how many are present in each region. We here at TechRaptor have combed the region from top to bottom and have collected everything we can find, unfortunately, there's no way to know if we've collected everything though. If you find something that we missed feel free to drop it in the comments below!


Dying Light 2 Quarry End Collectibles Map

Dying Light 2 Quarry End Collectibles Map

Dying Light 2 Quarry End Notes - Locations

N1. Newspaper Article - March 7th, 2020
During the Unruly Brother Story Quest you'll be prompted to track down Barney, this will lead you to a department store filled with infected. After defeating all of the zombies, or sneaking around, inside there's the room to the left where Barney is or you can go to the back right of the store to find the main counter. Once at the main counter you should find this newspaper.

N2. First page of a comic book
This collectible is in the saferoom down the stairs in the PK Metro Terminal base. It is on the table between the Player's Stash and the bed.

N3. Infected Playing Card - Ace of Spades - Demolisher
Travel to the block that has the Dark Hollow Loot Source in the South-West corner of Quarry End. Walk along the roofs of this block counterclockwise and you'll find a small lit room in the top left area. There will be a locked door on one side, but if you hop over the roof to the other side you'll be able to get inside. Once there you'll find this playing card next to a bed.


N4. Letter - Helen's Testimony
At the very Southern edge of Quarry End there are three houses over one side of the road. One of those houses has a greenhouse visibly protruding South. Go inside this house and into the greenhouse to find this note. If this doesn't appear for you locate the quest from the Flower Store owner, he'll ask you to find this location.

Dying Light 2 Quarry End Recordings - Locations

R1. The City Classifieds - Baltazar
You can find this recording inside the building you enter for the Missing Person's Side Quest.

R2. Journal of a Nightrunner #2
At the South-East Nightrunner Hideout in Quarry End you can find this recording on a paint can. 


Dying Light 2 Quarry End Graffiti - Locations

G1. Money Money Money
From the Oak Windmill run along the roofs that head North-East and you'll find this mural to your left.

G2. Living Dead Girl
This graffiti can be found in the northwest block of Quarry End. Go to the very North-West most building and turn to look south and you'll see it.


G3. Run Boy Run
This graffiti can be found by starting from the very northwest block of Quarry End and following that line of roofs that hugs the western edge of the region down. As you're heading south this Graffiti will be visible to you.

G4. Rambunny
You can find this adorable Rambo rabbit parody in the South-West of Quarry End. It's on the back of the building just to the left of the Dark Hollow loot source

G5. Red Rat Run
During the mission where you and Hakon need to go through the PK metro to the Central Loop, Hakon brings attention to a piece of art. The collectable is on the scaffolding above him.

G6. Sleeper
Just at the border between Trinity and Quarry and there's a settlement spot to the North. Drop to the roof of the building directly to the East of this settlement and you'll find this graffiti.

G7. Crouching Monster, Hidden Biter
This graffiti can be found on the Eastern facing wall of the Dark Hollow Loot Source in the South-West Quarry End.


G8. Diabou
This Graffiti can be found on the block furthest North-West in Quarry End. It will be on the building directly south of the reading icon.

G9. PK Larger-themed Beer Coaster
You can find this collectible in the Brewery Settlement in the North-West region of Quarry End.

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