Dying Light 2 Trinity Collectibles Guide

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Dying Light 2 Trinity Collectibles

Dying Light 2 Stay Human continues the story of a world plagued by the THV Virus that turned the majority of the population into the walking dead. In the new setting of Villedor players must seek to avoid zombies as Aiden, there's plenty to be on the lookout for such as Notes, Recordings, and Graffiti. In this Dying Light 2 Trinity Collectibles Guide we'll go over where to find the different collectibles we've found in the Trinity region of Old Villedor.

A tricky part about Dying Light 2 Stay Human Collectibles isn't just how many of them, but how there are no indicators of how many are present in each region. We here at TechRaptor have combed the region from top to bottom and have collected everything we can find, unfortunately, there's no way to know if we've collected everything though. If you find something that we missed feel free to drop it in the comments below!

Dying Light 2 Trinity Collectibles Map

Dying Light 2 Trinity Collectibles Map

Dying Light 2 Trinity Note Locations

N1. Aiden's Dating Card
This collectible can be obtained by completing The Matchmaker Side Quest on the West side of Trinity.

N2. Safe Code (Hospital)
Travel to the Settlement Trading Post just south of the hospital and speak with the trader who talks to you about your Biomarker. He will give you this note that will give you a safe combination within the hospital. Follow the waypoint marker for this quest to find the safe you'll need to open.

1. What becomes smaller when you turn it upside down?
2. An odd number - take away a letter and it becomes even
3. A little girl goes to the store and buys one dozen eggs. As she is going home, all but three eggs break. How many eggs are left unbroken?

Answer: [9][7][3]

N3. Confidential Notice to GRE Personnel
Obtained for completing The First Biomarker quest from the Settlement Trading Post just south of the hospital.

N4. Recipe for Turn Me On
You obtain this note from Nyra for completing her quest The Essence of Survival at the South-East most Settlement in Trinity.

Dying Light 2 Trinity Recordings Locations

R1. Journal of a Nightrunner #1
This tape is on the TV stand in Cillian's House. Cillian's house is the first of the settler outposts that you visit at night as you and Hakon attempt to get into the Bazaar and fail. You can find it the first time you're here as part of the main story quest.

R2. Journal of a Nightrunner #3
You can find this recording at the top of the hospital at the runner safe zone. The hospital is in the North-West of the region through it does look like it's part of the neighboring region.

R3. Villedor Newscast #3
In the Safe House in the South-West area of Trinity, this recording is on a dresser next to a globe.

R4. Carl's Journal #3
You can find this recording on the top of the bucket next to the bed in the Bazaar.

R5. Turn on the Power
Head south from the Old Villedor Master Windmiss and you'll come to a small row of buildings. Climb to the roof and head inside the survivor safe room, there will be a recording on the shelf.

Dying Light 2 Trinity Graffiti Locations

T1. Jar Jar Things
This graffiti is located across the road South of Alder Windmill. After you cross this road then look East and you should see this graffiti.

T2. Shadow of the Night Runner
From the Safe Zone in the center of Trinity drop off the East side of the building and then immediately turn around.

T3. McHazmat
From Alder Windmill head north towards the "Forsaken Store" objective. Head East from there and you'll find this Graffiti facing the Forsaken Store.

T4. United in fun: Everyone can play
In the far North of Trinity you'll find a field that has been turned into a hazard area (there will be tents set up). On the wall of the building here is the graffiti

T5. Happy Skeleton
From the Nightrunner's hideout in the far North of Trinity run North-West along the roof. After reaching the end of this path turn around and you should see the Skeleton on the wall.

T6. Fallen Angel
On the South-West side of Trinity head North from the Rooftop School Settlement. This large mural will be on the second floor of the building just to the right of the Military convoy.

T7. Heaven and Hell
This graffiti is actually a piece of art across two sides of an alleyway. From the Trading Post Settlement just south of the Church head north (you should see a playground to your left) and drop down the alleyway directly in front of you. The Graffiti is here.

T8. This is The End of the Beginning
From the Larch Windmill head North and drop down into the courtyard are to spot this Graffiti in front of you.

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