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Last Update: February 4, 2022


Dying Light's Demolisher

If you’re planning on upgrading your gadgets and gear in Dying Light 2, you may find that you need Infected Trophies. Hopefully, you would have gained some throughout your time playing but what if you need to find more? 

Here’s a quick guide on how and where to find those pesky Zombie Trophies, so you can get back to killing and running around Villedor! 


Dying Light 2 Infected Trophies Guide

An infected with a rare infected trophy
Thanks for the Rare Trophy!

Infected Trophies are resources used to upgrade some gadgets and items. The trophies come in one of three different categories; uncommon, rare and unique. The rare and unique Infected Trophies are a bit harder to get a hold of compared to the uncommon trophies, but if you find yourself killing a lot of infected, you’ll be sure to find a lot of this resource. 

So long as there is a supply of infected to kill, which there is, you don’t have to worry about running out of Infected Trophies. 

Where to find Infected Trophies in Dying Light 2 | Infected Trophy Farming

How to Find Uncommon Infected Trophies

Uncommon Trophies on Dying Light 2
A Pile of Uncommon Trophies

Uncommon Infected Trophies can be usually found on dead Virals or Biters. These are the easiest Infected Trophies to collect, and can be found in abundance during both day and night. They’re also the simplest zombies to kill, making it a quick farming opportunity if you need some Uncommon Trophies. 


There’s also the Howlers, the annoying screamer zombies which announce you to their infected friends and initiate chases at night. These are fairly easy to kill too, as they don’t attack and are one or two hit kills usually. 

How to Find Rare Infected Trophies

Rare Infected Trophies are harder to come by than their uncommon counterparts. They can be found on Goons (the large zombies walking around with giant hammers) mainly, but they can also be found on Bolters or Banshees. Banshees appear as early as the prologue, when you turn on the generator after speaking with Spike. 

Bolters are the easiest of the three “Rare” infected, as the only challenge is to chase them down. The game usually notifies you on the HUD and your UI to let you know a Bolter is around. They’re fast, but weak and the AI isn’t great for them, so they typically get stuck while running. 


How to Find Unique Infected Trophies

The rarest kind of trophy, the Unique Infected Trophies, are usually found on the toughest infected you’ll find in-game. The best way to get these trophies is through killing Volatiles, the ridiculously tough and fast infected which chase you at night. You’ll need a strong weapon, as well as having some form of UV protection (such as the UV Flashlight or UV Bars) to weaken them. 

Having said that, you’ll find them during the story with boss battles against infected like the Demolisher. Or, they can be found at GRE Anomalies where the Revenant infected are located. These Revenants provide Unique Infected Trophies when killed, as well as other valuables. 


Aside from that, they can be found on Chargers, which are a part of some story missions but are rarer than most zombies and as such, aren’t a good source for this resource. However, if you loot them during the main game, you’ll likely get some Unique Infected Trophies. 

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