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Edge of Eternity Review

The wonderful thing about fantasy worlds is that you can mix and match parts from different fantasies and it all fits. You're determined to figure how it all goes together while getting immersed in the story. Do you best to figure out and save the world in Edge Of Eternity.
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Possible Class Action Wants to Sue Sony For Restricting Digital Sales To PlayStation Store

Sony is being sued for restricting purchases of digital games to the PlayStation Store, with gamers claiming this represents an unlawful monopoly.
alpha protocol removed from storefronts

[Updated] Alpha Protocol Removed From Digital Storefronts As Music Rights Expire


Update: SEGA got in contact with us today with an updated statement on the situation:

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Sony Facing Australian Court Over Consumer Rights Violations


According to a report on, Sony Eur

mr. driller

Mr. Driller PSOne Classic Edition Delisted From North America PSN Store


The PSOne Classic version of Mr. Driller has been delisted from the North American PlayStation Store.

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Sony Updates Its PlayStation Store Refund And Cancellation Policy


Today is the first day of Sony's new fiscal year, and, probably as part of its

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[Update] The Walking Dead Final Season Delisted From All Storefronts


Update: It seems that not all stores are taking heed to Telltale's request to stop sales of The Walking Dead - Final Season as the

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No Digital Standard Edition of For Honor for EU Console Gamers


Ubisoft may be pursuing less than honorable sales tactics with For Honor's EU release as, at the time of writing, there is no standard edition of the game available on either the