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Coming through!

When it comes to games that use portals, transportation is the first thing that comes to mind but that’s not how Unbound: Worlds Apart works. You play as Soli, a mage who is able to open portals

Portal power!

It’s normal for humans to wonder about worlds beyond our own. This universe is a big place getting bigger every day and we’ve barely scratched its surface. Although, it’s not just other planets we’re

Sailing Rough And Free!

Being a pilot is not easy and neither is being a sailor. Imagine the challenges that come with trying to do both at once. Well, it’s what you’ll need to do if you want to have your own airship. Even

The Open Skies!

Ever since humans looked up and saw birds soaring through the air, they’ve had the desire to fly. However, being cursed without wings, we had to use our creativity to come up with ways to explore the

Zag And Friends!

Pride is an event that is celebrated around the world and has become a symbol of love and acceptance. While this is how it’s viewed now, many don’t realize that Pride was sparked as a form of

Edge of the portrait!

It’s thanks to series like Final Fantasy that we have such hard to discern time periods. When you have characters wearing medieval armor and using medieval weapons while flying on a spaceship, you

Xbox Series X

Microsoft's latest console(s), the Xbox Series X|S, is being delayed worldwide by retailers such as Amazon US, UK, and Canada. For some, this is a day or two of delays, while for some they have been


This month's Games with Gold for Xbox Live Gold subscribers features a hardcore third-person shooter, and racing fun for Xbox One fans. Meanwhile, an action-RPG and one of the newer Castlevania

xbox games with gold 2019-07

Microsoft has announced July’s Xbox Live Games With Gold for Xbox One and Xbox 360. For the Xbox One, there is INSIDE and Big Crown: Showdown. For the Xbox 360 and Xbox One via backwards