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Welcome to Blackreef Island in Deathloop. This new game from Arkane and Bethesda follows the story of Colt Vahn trapped in a looping day. Blackreef Island is made up of four different areas; The Complex, Fristad Rock, Updaam, and Karl's Bay. In this Deathloop Updaam District Guide, we'll go over at what times of day different Visionaries are present, when you can collect important information, and what other opportunities might arise. This guide will remain as spoiler-free as possible for the larger storyline of Deathloop.

The collectibles and notes listed below will only include those that include important information for the Deathloop story, or those that include codes. If you're only interested in learning about where to get codes from them be sure to head to our Deathloop Combination Guide.

Deathloop Updaam District Guide

Updaam is by far the densest and most fully fleshed out region of Blackreef Island. This location is filled with tightly packed buildings containing a mix of residential and business space. As you move through Updaam you'll find yourself passing by alien-themed mansions, a munitions library, and a giant mansion ready for a party tonight. Whether you're above the roofs, in buildings, or taking part in any of the different activities this district has to offer there's plenty to explore.


Deathloop Updaam District Guide - Visionary Leads

Noon: At noon the drawbridge to Charlie's mansion in the north will be down. He's stylized it as an alien-themed roleplaying game.

Evening: As Aleksis holds his party this is the time where players can encounter him. Some others may be showing up to his evening party too over the course of the story.


Deathloop Updaam District Guide - Arsenal Leads

Shortly after getting access to Arsenal Leads you'll have "Keep on Giving" added to your tracker. You'll travel to Dorsey Square and find a large present for Colt sitting out in the middle of an opening. Interacting with it triggers an ambush from the surrounding windows. After taking out all of the Eternalists you'll earn the Sepuchra Breteira, an incredibly powerful scoped rifle. A weapon like this really shakes up how you can play.


Deathloop Updaam District Guide - Other Activities

The Moxie

Just another of Charlie's games. You can come to Updaam in the afternoon and find the entrance to the Moxie if you're working your way towards the A Charlie Montague Game Trophy. If you're looking at the Library head to the right and hop down the cliff to find the Moxie If you show up in the Morning or at Noon there's also a hidden door to the left of the Moxie that allows you to hack the game making it easier.


Safe under the bridge leading to Dorsey Manor

Instead of crossing the bridge to Dorsey Manor you can drop down and go under it. Here you find one of the best puzzles in Deathloop to solve involving a cryptic map, some scratchings, and a triple-locked safe. If you're not sure you can figure it out then you can check out our Deathloop Dorsey Manor Safe Combination Guide.

Deathloop Dorsey Manor Guide Secrets
How does that not make you want to solve it!

Secret ClassPass door

Within Dorsey Manor there's a door that requires Colt to be wearing a ClassPass, a device that inhibits his Slabs but allows him to pass through secure doors. There's no way to get one in Updaam, but you can visit Fristad Rock earlier in the day to find ClassPass devices all over the Radio Station. This can also help you along the way to the You Only Die Once Trophy for finishing an entire loop while wearing a ClassPass.


Otto's Workshop has burnt down by Noon

Visit Otto's Workshop near Dorsey Square in the morning to find a machine with strange wiring, perhaps you can do something to stop it breaking down and torching the building. This isn't just an important part of the story, but also helps you set up a way to easily earn the Mightier Than The Gun, Silent Disco, Only The Guilty, and The G.O.D of the O.S.P Trophies.


Deathloop Updaam District Guide - Important Notes and Collectibles

There are a number of notes that you'll pick up over the course of the story in Updaam

  • Teachable Moment (Evening)
  • The LPP (Morning, Noon, or Afternoon)
  • Message to Otto (Noon, Afternoon, or Evening)
  • A Fulfilled Ego (Noon)
  • Go Time (Any Time)


Here are some other important collectibles in the area

  • The Sixty-Second Minute: Julianna Blake (Afternoon)
    • You can find this note in the bathroom of the Archivist building, this is the building that you'll end up on top of if you leave the tunnels and immediately head right. In the afternoon the garage bay door will be slightly open and you can crawl into it. This item is also Julianna's AEON Profile item and the only one, picking this up will get you the Know Your Enemy trophy too
  • A Map of Updaam (Any time)
    • As soon as you make your way out of Colt's tunnels look to your left along the road and you'll see a map on a wall. Interact with it to get this map


You can find three sets of Minicom Logs adventuring through The Complex.

  • Colt's Minicom is located in his apartment, you'll find this through story progression
  • Charlie's Minicom is in the top floor of his game house
  • Otto also has a Minicom that you can find in his Workshop if you prevent it from burning down


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