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Deathloop is out, this time-bending adventure from Arkane and Bethesda has you following the story of Colt Vahn as he wakes up on an island stuck perpetually in the same day. As you explore this perpetually repeating day you'll find a variety of safes, locked doors, and more just out of reach but you might have stumbled across a certain locked safe underneath the Dorsey Manor bridge.

This Deathloop Dorsey Manor Safe Combination Guide will go over how to find out the combination for the safe and what rewards it might have inside.

Deathloop Dorsey Manor Safe Combination Guide - Why don't you just tell me the code?

Just like the rest of the combinations in Deathloop the codes are randomized from player to player. At one point in this solution where I saw the number 1, another writer at TechRaptor got the number 3. While we can't give you the guide we will go over exactly where to go to get the numbers, and how to put them in order.

Deathloop Dorsey Manor Safe Combination Guide - How do I find the starting location?

Travel towards Dorsey Manor after entering Updaam, you'll want to arrive at Noon because one of the numbers is only accessible then. Dorsey Manor is the large castle where Aleksis' holds his party in the evening and it's right on the other side of Dorsey Square from Colt's apartment. Once you get to the Manor jump down the left side of the bridge and you'll find yourself in a tunnel. Inside is a Safe with three lights on the left side, indicating three codes will be needed, a map of Updaam with symbols and lines on it, a note, and a metal sheet with scratchings on it.

"- Do the Vertices indicate other positions relative to the first?"

Deathloop Dorsey Manor Safe Combination Guide - What am I meant to do with all of this information?

Deathloop Dorsey Manor Safe Combination GUIDE
Use the symbols on the map to line up with the scratchings

At each of the indicated locations on the map there will be a number written on the wall. For example, when I went to the building to the left of Otto's workshop I could see the number 1. It's from these numbers that you'll be able to find out what numbers go into the lock combinations.

The three triangles scratched on the right all have points that when laid over the map of Updaam give us which of the three numbers are in the combinations. Even the triangles are randomized so be sure to be looking for the numbers you want specifically.

So the first thing you need to do is go out and gather all of the numbers that could potentially be used in these combinations.

Deathloop Dorsey Manor Safe Combination Guide - Number Locations

Below is a map with all of the locations of the markers labeled from A to F and a description of where to find them.

Deathloop Dorsey Manor Guide Locations

  • A. From where you enter Upduum take the low road next to the two Eternalists that leads to the large gate. Turn around once you get to the car the two Eternalists stand next to and you should see a number on the bottom of a support beam to the right of the floodlight.
  • B. Head to Charlie's live action game to the north. After you cross the bridge and see the alien-themed building look to the right and above the sliding bay door. A number will be written at the top of the doorframe. 
  • C. Head to the front door of The Library, there will be plenty of people around so make sure to take them all out before you get too close. To the left of the doorway is a plaque on the wall about Bad Luck Mary. The number here will be how many times Mary has been married. Be careful here as my note said she was married, and then got married five more times so the total number was 6.
  • D. Head to the entrance to the Moxie game, and look to your right where there's a support tower. The number will be located right at the base.
  • E. Head to Otto's Workshop and look at the building to the left, the painted number will be next to the door.
  • F. Look around the base of the building indicated in F and you'll see the number painted clearly


Deathloop Dorsey Manor Safe Combination Guide - Putting it all together

Now that you have all of the required numbers written down you'll need to enter them in order. The order you have to put the numbers in is set according to how many slashes there are next to the point. To use the red triangle from above as an example the lower-left point has no slash, the lower right point has one slash, and the top point has two slashes.

Complete the above for all three triangles and put them into the safe at your feet and it will unlock to reveal a Residuum item. If you absorb the Residuum from that item you'll earn almost 6k points. As this Residuum item will return every loop this is a free 6K points for you that will greatly speed up the expansion of your arsenal. Having completed the puzzle once Colt will also save it as a note meaning you can auto-fill the code.


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