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Deathloop is out, this time-bending adventure from Arkane and Bethesda has you following the story of Colt Vahn as he wakes up on an island stuck perpetually in the same day. Colt's aim from the beginning of the game is to kill all eight of the Visionaries on the island to break the loop. This Deathloop All Endings Guide will go over both a spoiler-free and spoiler-filled version of the ending of the game. This will help those interested in getting a specific ending to find out which path they might want to take or will be a good resource for finding out what happened in the other ending if you don't want to get both endings.

If you find yourself here after reaching the end of the game, congratulations, what a fun journey it was. If you're here to take a look at the ending early, do so at your own risk, the story of Deathloop works best as the player is learning about characters and the world at the same time as Colt, and knowing this ending the story may be less impactful.

Deathloop All Endings Guide - Spoiler Free

After you have killed all but one Visionary you'll reach a new area on Blackreef island. Between leaving the last District and coming to this area there is no time for you to infuse Residuum or swap your loadout but that doesn't matter as there's no combat; you can take it easy at this point. After a conversation, Colt will be asked to pick something up, pick up the item and there will be a countdown for you to take an action or do nothing. It's at this point that the ending of Deathloop splits.


If you take the action Colt will muse on his actions for a short while longer, and you then have a prompt to sit down in a chair, which causes the game to end normally. You'll be taken from here to a screen where you can infuse your Residuum like you'd experience at the end of any of Deathloop's in-game days.

If you do NOT take the action then you'll get the true ending, including the full credits, and a post-credit audio scene. Not taking the action will also earn you the Trophy/Achievement One Perfect Day for Complete 'Ending It.' but you don't get a chance to infuse any of the items you found in your Evening district exploration.

Deathloop All Endings Guide Dev Message

When is the Deathloop ending point of no return?

As soon as you have moved to the final area of the game, there's a checkpoint. For the normal ending path, you can take the action, but as long as you haven't sat down in the chair yet, you can exit out of the game and open it up again to change your mind. For the true ending, you can reset your game at any point before the credits begin rolling if you want to make a different decision. Regardless of what ending you get though, you're able to continue playing through the day loop over and over again. If you want to get back to this location, you'll need to redo the "Perfect Day" loop killing all of the Visionaries again.


Deathloop All Endings Guide Spoiler Warning

Deathloop All Endings Guide - Spoiler Filled

By this point you'll have managed to kill Harriett, Frank, Charlie, Fia, Egor, Aleksis, and Wenjie and it's only Julianna, who is discovered to be Colt's daughter, left. With all of the other Visionaries dead, you'll be able to get in the Rakyetoplan in the RAK bunker in Updaam. Colt will fly (and crash) into the giant structure that causes the time loop. Here he'll have his Slab removed and Julianna will want to talk with him about why he wants to destroy the loop when he doesn't know what will happen on the other end. Julianna will reveal to Colt that he's also a Visionary keeping the island loop intact, and for the loop to be completely stopped, he'll also have to kill himself.

Julianna offers an antique pistol to Colt and she picks up one herself. The plan is that Julianna will count to three and both Julianna and Colt will fire, ending the loop once and for all. The choice here for Colt, and the player, is if they want to shoot or not.


If the countdown hits three and the player fires only Julianna will be shot; she never planned to kill Colt. Colt spends some time talking to himself, reaffirming that this is the course of action that he wants to take, to break the loop like he originally set out to do. You can then sit Colt down on a chair and he'll kill himself.

If the countdown hits three and the player DOES NOT fire Julianna and Colt will stare there quietly for a moment before lowering their guns. The two will begin to talk about how much fun the island could be and Colt ultimately decides to not end the loop, instead changing away from being so antagonistic to the rest of those on the island. Colt then wakes up once more on the sandy beach like he has many times before, but this time Julianna greets him and asks him what his plan for the day is. While the loop is still going, Colt has instead gained the beginning of a road to repairing his relationship with his daughter.

After the credits there's a brief dialogue exchange between Colt and Julianna where he tells her she can call him dad if she'd like. When she tries though, both characters think it's too weird and they don't like it.

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