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Deathloop is out, this time-bending adventure from Arkane and Bethesda has you following the story of Colt Vahn as he wakes up on an island stuck perpetually in the same day. Along Colt's journey you'll need to gather information out about Fia Zborowska, an amazing mechanic and an... interesting artist. The search for a way to take Colt down will lead him to a base in Fristad Rock where he'll need to locate pictograms that will allow him access to another bunker. This Deathloop Fia's Pictograms Guide will help you track down the artwork you're after.

The Visionary Lead that this quest is a part of is called Afternoon Delight. On your Visionary Leads page, you'll have four new entries that instruct you to find the pictograms and it will also contain a cryptic description of the artwork. Unfortunately, all you have to go on is this vague information, and even then this is likely an area that you've only spent a small amount of time in.

Deathloop Fia's Pictograms Guides Clues
The clues that I was presented with

Deathloop Fia's Pictograms Guide - Can you just tell me what pictograms I need to progress?

Unfortunately not, Arkane has done an amazing job ensuring you get the most out of Deathloop by randomizing a number of features like safe codes and these symbols across multiple players. The art symbols and clues that I have will not be the same as the clues that you got, there are clues that I won't even have seen yet that you might have!

Below I'll be listing all of the hints and directions to their solutions as I've found so far, further down I'll be listing the locations of other pieces of artwork that I found while exploring in case that sounds like it might be related to one of your clues.


Deathloop Fia's Pictograms Guide - Fia's Pictogram hints and locations

Clue Description: It's 'overshadowed by Fia's shimmering masterpiece.' Guess it's behind something big and shiny.

How to find the artwork: Walk down the hallway, past the "Forever Young" sign and you'll end up in a large room with Fia's generator. Pass by the generator and this art is on the far wall.

Deathloop Fia's Pictograms Guide Sign
You'll find a number of pieces of art through these doors

Clue Description: It 'marks Fia's stage exit.' Could be on a door?

How to find the artwork: Head down the corridor and you'll see a doorway with "Forever Young" hanging over it. Walk through the door (watch out for any enemies if you haven't been in this room yet) and turn around 180degrees. You'll see the piece of art here. 


Clue Description: It 'wants for power.' Bet it's locked behind another f***ing battery.

How to find the artwork: There's a long way to do this that does require finding batteries and powering a door... but it's far easier to use the abilities you've collected through your playthrough. To find this piece of art first find the large area with the two hanger bay doors. If you're looking at the two doors turn to your left and go up a landing, to your left you'll see a room with an unpowered door and red laser lines running along the top.

If you have Shift you can just teleport through the red wires or destroy the mines emitting the beams and interact with the art at the end of the room.


Clue Description: It 'tends the main hall.' Seems straightforward enough.

How to find the artwork: From the central area you'll see a large hallway. On the side of the wall, opposite the raised catwalk and other rooms, is a huge painting. This is the one you're after.


Clue Description: It's 'beneath the wheeled behemoth.' Maybe some kind of vehicle?

How to find the artwork: If you're looking at the two large bunker doors turn to your left and head up the stairs to the next landing. To your left is a large vehicle, walk behind it and drop down into a depressed runway so you can look under it. Here you'll find your art.

Deathloop Fia's Pictograms Guides Doorway
To your left; car and laser field. Through the doors; more art.


Clue Description: It 'adds color to tools and schema.' Some kind of repair room?

How to find the artwork: If you're looking at the two large bunker doors turn to your left and head up the stairs to the next landing.


Deathloop Fia's Pictograms Guide - Other pieces of artwork

Here are other pieces of artwork that were found near the objective marker. If you happen to have the clue text that corroborates with any of these pieces of art please let me know so I can get them updated!

  1. Continue down the hallway and under the "Forever Young" sign. Take a left immediately into a small area with a number of computers and an HZN door in the back. On the floor, you'll find this piece of art.
  2. Within the sliding double doors that you likely used to enter this location, you'll find artwork on the floor. There is artwork in both of these large double-door sections.

If you find any other hints, or pieces of art don't hesitate to comment below!


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