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Welcome to Blackreef Island in Deathloop. This new game from Arkane and Bethesda follows the story of Colt Vahn trapped in a looping day. Blackreef Island is made up of four different areas; The Complex, Fristad Rock, Updaam, and Karl's Bay. In this Deathloop Fristad Rock District Guide we'll go over at what times of day different Visionaries are present when you can collect important information, and what other opportunities might arise. This guide will remain as spoiler-free as possible for the larger storyline of Deathloop.

The collectibles and notes listed below will only include those that include important information for the Deathloop story, or those that include codes. If you're only interested in learning about where to get codes from them be sure to head to our Deathloop Combination Guide.

Deathloop Fristad Rock District Guide Radio Station

Fristad Rock is, as the name implies, a mountainous region. You'll find a number of buildings and facilities nestled across these natural formations. You'll find modern buildings like Frank's Radio station and old broken-down broadcast stations. Be sure to keep an eye out for all of the caves under the rocks, some lead to more Eternalist facilities while others contain secrets. As the day continues and more ice forms on the water so be sure to keep an eye out for extra pathways appearing around the exterior of the District.


Deathloop Fristad Rock District Guide - Visionary Leads

Morning: You can find Frank in the radio station down the main road from where you start. You can go into the radio station from the front by putting on a classpass, inhibiting your slab abilities, but there are a few ways to get in that avoid these security measures.

Noon: You can find Fia here at Noon by going to her facility.

Afternoon: While you could find Fia at Noon, by the Afternoon you can find both Charlie and Fia at Fristad Rock.


Deathloop Fristad Rock District Guide - Arsenal Leads

At the time there are no Arsenal Leads that have been found in Fristad Rock.


Deathloop Fristad Rock District Guide - Other Activities

Uplink Terminal (Afternoon)

From the beginning of the district go behind the large neon sign to the right. Hug the left wall (watch out for trip mines and motion detectors) and continue up the mountain to the transmission station. Interact with the "Uplink Terminal" on the desk and the screens will turn on, but it will say it’s still offline. On the map that appears on the center screen you’ll see three X marks as they pertain to the main facility building on the island.

Head to one of the marked points and you’ll be able to hack a satellite dish to appear. You’ll then have to fight off waves of enemies as they attempt to destroy the dishes (I recommend bringing one of the turrets from next to the uplink terminal to help you out here)


Gas Chamber (Afternoon)

Make your way over or around the Radio station and drop down to the shoreline on the far end. There's a tunnel here that leads to a chamber with a man locked in a room who knows Colt. After talking he'll begin flooding the room with poisonous gas. Up the stairs, at the far end from where you entered there's a lever to try to vent the gas, but it's linked to a puzzle involving switches underneath the stairs. You can find a Trinket for Colt that will allow him to breathe poisonous fumes without fear to his life, I recommend you wait until you have that before you start experimenting with solutions here.


Deathloop Fristad Rock District Guide Spy Bunker
The only thing I love more than a locked door is breaking into it

Spy Bunker (Morning, Noon, or Afternoon)

From the start of the district hop down to the shoreline to your left. Walk along with it while looking inwards and you'll find a tunnel that leads to a small bunker. Inside this bunker are documents about spies working in Blackreef, and a large door sealed off with three locks. There's a cassette in here that points you towards how you can find the three codes to get into the sealed room.


Deathloop Fristad Rock District Guide - Important Notes and Collectibles

There are a number of notes that you'll pick up over the course of the story in Fristad Rock

  • Order of Operations (Afternoon)
  • Fishing for Fireworks
  • Watching Paint Dry

Here are some other important collectibles in the area

  • Intelligence Archives Access (Morning, Noon, or Afternoon)
    • This note is found in the spy bunker
  • Sullohern's Last Words (Morning, Noon, or Afternoon)
    • This Cassette is also found in the spy bunker
  • Gas Drainage Protocols (Afternoon)
    • This note is found in the Gas Chamber and instructs the players how to clear the gas
  • Salt-Scented Package (Afternoon)
    • In the Afternoon when the water is partially frozen head the same way you would to get to the gas room for the note above, but use the ice to continue around the bend and there will be a safe half submerged in the water with this note inside. It has the code for the Karl’s Bay boatsman’s safe

You can find one set of Minicom Logs adventuring through Fristad Rock.

  • Frank's Minicom can be located on the landing above where you find him in the radio station.


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