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Deathloop is out, this time-bending adventure from Arkane and Bethesda has you following the story of Colt Vahn as he wakes up on an island stuck perpetually in the same day. If you've spent any amount of time around Karl's Bay then chances are you've entered into a mysterious building with a fortune-telling computer that quizzes you.

This is the Yerhva, it's a robot that was made far in the past but was fixed up by the Visionaries' own Charlie Montague. This Deathloop Queen of Riddles Answer Guide will teach you the correct responses for all of her questions.

Deathloop Queen of Riddles Answer Guide - How do I find the Fortune Teller?

Enter Karl's Bay at any of the available times. Once you come out of the tunnels and find yourself in the scrap yard you can jump onto the wall to your right and then straight forward to the roof of a house. There will be a few Eternalists around but nothing to worry about. If you look across the street you'll see a small building with a card sign out front and advertising for the "Queen of Riddles" with two big arrows pointing in. Be careful when you're walking in as, depending on the time of day, there might be Eternalists inside.

Deathloop Queen of Riddles Answer Guide Location
Not far from the entrance at all

Deathloop The Yerhva Answers Guide - A few tips before you begin

The Queen of Riddles will ask the players a series of ten questions, each of which has a possible 8 answers. These questions are all related to the AEON group, the Visionaries, and the history of Blackreef Island itself. Through your exploration of Blackreef Island uncovering important story beats, and discovering different notes around the island you're meant to be able to put together all of the required information to be able to solve these riddles..... or you can just read below for all of the answers.

Each loop you take the order in which the questions will be asked are randomized so don't just ignore the prompt and go down the line putting in the answer numbers as written. If you answer a question incorrectly there's no way to reset the machine until the next loop has begun. If you find you accidentally hit an incorrect button and don't want to wait to complete a whole new loop then closing out of the game and reopening it will bring you back to when you first entered Karl's Bay.

Deathloop Queen of Riddles Answers Guide - Yerhva Answers

Question: Sink your toes into the dark earth and let the vibrations of her voice course through your bones. From whence did this island derive her name?
Answer: [8] - The coastal coral formations

Question: Harriet Morse is the gatekeeper, Blackreef the gate. A veil hangs across the threshold. What do we discover when it parts?
Answer: [4] - The Great Beyond

Question: The Bay, the Rock, and labyrinthine Updaam wear AEON colors proudly, but that decor belies their history. From whence came the peculiar name that grace them?
Answer: [5] - They date back to a lost fishing community

Question: From what seed did AEON spring?
Answer: [6] - The shared ambitions of Harriet Morse, Egor Serling, and Dr. Wenjie Evans

Question: Karl’s Bay has worn many faces, most as lost to time as the mysterious Karl himself. What was its most recent incarnation prior to AEON’s arrival?
Answer: [3] - A military base

Question: Decades ago, warmongers toyed with temporal tides eddying about Blackreef. Their sigil-marked temples stand still. What named their doomed enterprise?
Answer: [3] - Operation Horizon

Question: Blackreef boasts a bountiful feast for the senses. Which transcendent work towers above the island’s myriad other artistic pursuits?
Answer: [7] - The nose, chin, and eyes of Charlie Montague

Question: The wriggling, writing energies of the Loop have been harnessed to gift us with abilities beyond our biological potential. What birthed our trinkets and slabs?
Answer: [7] - Dr Wenjie Evans personally engineered each one

Question: Before AEON’s arrival, Blackreef slept in frozen utero, awaiting new purpose. Who then made landfall, reawakening her from slumber?
Answer: [2] - Colt Vahn and Egor Serling, on a voyage of discovery

Question: AEON graces this island as kaleidoscopic jewels upon the neck of the world’s greatest beauty. What seeks the Program?
Answer: [3] - The advancement of human potentiality and enlightenment

Deathloop Queen of Riddles Answer Guide Example Question
Bustling sea port it is then!

Deathloop Queen of Riddles Answer Guide - What is my reward?

Here's when it gets strange. After answering all ten of the riddles correctly the Yerhva will begin to tell you a great secret until her voice is replaced by Charlie's as he explains where Yerhva was created and that he was the one to fix it up. There was no additional notification that appeared on my screen or reward bestowed. The purpose of solving Yerhva's riddles, as far as I'm aware, is that completing it is part of the "A Charlie Montague Game" Trophy where you need to "Prove you're a real gamer by winning Charlie's Wake Up Challenge, Reward Scheme, the moxie, Haul-A-Quinn, and the Yerhva."

If you find out that there's more to the Queen of Riddles after solving all her riddles drop a comment below!

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