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Deathloop is out, this time-bending adventure from Arkane and Bethesda has you following the story of Colt Vahn as he wakes up on an island stuck perpetually in the same day. As you explore this perpetually repeating day you'll find a variety of safes, locked doors, and more just out of reach. While time is always repeating itself the codes to get into these different locked boxes are persistent, this means that the more you play and explore the more access you'll have. In this Deathloop Safe Codes Guide, we'll go over the different places we've found so far that have combinations and how to get them.

While we've collected a fair number of these notes we know that there is a number still missing. There will be instances in this guide that safes are listed without combinations, and even times where a location of a four-digit number can be found but where it goes to has not been discovered yet. We'll continue updating as we find out more, and if you happen to find a safe and combination that we haven't seen feel free to drop a note in the comments below!

Deathloop Safe Codes Guide - Why don't you just tell me the number to get into the safe myself?

The easiest response to this is that even I don't know what the number for your safe will be. Arkane has Deathloop setup that no two people's games have the same combinations. For example, the code for Colt's underground network of tunnels in my game was 1437 but TechRaptor's reviewer had Colt's tunnels as 7105. While we can't tell you the code specifically by letting you know where the note is you'll be able to find it in your own game.

Deathloop Combinations Guide - Everywhere

Colt's Underground Network of Tunnels
From the start of the game follow the main plotline through the tutorial loop and you'll earn it through story progression.


Gideon Fry Delivery Boxes

In every Deathloop District is a Delivery Booth but to get in you need to know the code. To get the code travel to Fristad Rock (Noon) and follow these directions to obtain the code:

  1. Leave Colt's tunnels and follow the main path until you're outside the Radio Station
  2. Turn right and head into the club
  3. At the other end of the club (where you can see a hole in the roof and it splits left and right) head to the left and keep going left until you're out in the open
  4. Kill the enemies here and enter the bunker on your right
  5. As soon as you're through the bunker look to your right and you'll see a broken Delivery Box through a window, break into this room
  6. Look at the whiteboard to the left of the broken Delivery Box and you'll see a four-digit code on it

What's the purpose of the Delivery Box?

You can use these boxes to send a Battery, Crank-wheel, Nullifier, or Turret to a different location. You don't need to have the item in your possession either. This is useful if, for example, you needed a battery in Karl's Bay for a certain Haul-a-quin.


Old Habits Die Hard Trophy

While not a code that you can use anywhere if you go up to ANY of the dial-based 4 digit pads and enter in the numbers 0451 you'll earn the Old Habits Die Hard Trophy. This 0451 number shows up in a number of video games including Bioshock, Deus Ex, Dishonored, Firewatch, and more. It was the door code used to access the Looking Glass Studios office that many have continued to include as a homage in their games going forward.

Deathloop Combinations Guide Old Havits Die Hard Trophy
What a neat reference!


Deathloop Combinations Guide - The Complex

Wenjie Lab Code to shut off systems
Still within the Complex head downstairs from the room that has multiple turrets set up. As soon as you get to the bottom of the stairs there will be a whiteboard to your right. Interact with the note and you'll learn the code. This code doesn't just randomize per player but also randomize per loop so you'll need to check this again.

Wenjie Office Code
To obtain the code to Wenjie's office you must open the safe that's found in the room with the fortune teller in Karl's Bay.

Power Governor Unlock Code
To obtain the three-digit code to unlock the panel in the power station you need to first obtain the "Where the Power Lines" note in the bunker in Updaam. You'll earn this note through story progression.

Egor's Experiment Shutoff Code
The use of this code is tied to story progression. You can find the note with this code in the Radial Fluctuations note that can be found downstairs in Egor's Lab in The Complex.

Deathloop Safe Codes Guide


Deathloop Combinations Guide - Fristad Rock

Spy Bunker Three Codes
From the start of the District drop down to the shoreline on the left and you'll find a secret tunnel that leads to a bunker. There's a large safe here with three alphanumerical locks.

  • Code 1: You can find the first code for the safe in the same room as the safe itself
  • Code 2: 
  • Code 3: 

Shut Down Radio Station
If you make your way to the back of the Radio Station you'll end up in an electrical room with a panel to deactivate the broadcast.
At this point in time where to find the code is not known to us.


While searching through Fristad Rock there were a number of codes that we potentially came across, but no indication of what they go to... or even if they're relevant. They will be listed below as potential locations:

  • On the computer used to access Charlie's bunker one of the displays on the right shows a four-digit number, in my game it was 4513
  • In Fia's workshop, there's a whiteboard that has the blueprints for the types of planes you see all around the game. Scrawled on this whiteboard is a four-digit number, in my game, it was 6067
Deathloop Combinations Guide Codes
I feel like I'm seeing codes everywhere -_-


Deathloop Combinations Guide - Updaam

Safe in Colt’s Apartment
You get this code as part of the story

Safe in the middle of The Library
The code for this safe can be found in the "A Reason to Love" note that can be acquired in Aleksis' room at the top of the Manor in Updaam (Evening)

Safe under Aleksis’ Mansion
Underneath the bridge leading into Aleksis' Mansion, there's a large safe with three locks on it and a whiteboard with a map of Updaam with symbols over it. As getting the three combinations to this guide is a bit much I'd recommend checking out our Deathloop Dorsey Manor Safe Combination Guide.

Door with Intercom system
You'll get the verbal code to this door in the Archivist Building (the large one directly next to the stairway with this door. In Updaam (Afternoon) the garage door is slightly open allowing you to get in. Head to the office on the second floor and you'll and you'll find a note in a bookcase.


Deathloop Combinations Guide - Karl's Bay

Queen of Riddles Safe
The combination for this safe can be found in Charlie's bunker in Fristad Rock (Afternoon). From the start of the Fristad Rock area go to the right at the beginning behind the Aeon sign. Then go straight until you hit the shore, begin circling the outside of the island going counter-clockwise and you'll see a door in the mountain. Walk through and pick up the "Order of Operations" note to get this code.

Frank’s Firewords Container
To get this code you must first go to Updaam in the Morning and save Otto’s Workshop from burning down. Inside Otto’s Workshop (it’s near Alecksis’ Manor) you’ll see a large machine with questionable electronics. Follow each of the lit cables and destroy where it’s pulling power from. Return to Updaam from Noon onwards and you’ll be able to enter the Workshop and check Otto’s terminal for a message chain with this code.

Boatsman’s Safe
In Fristad Rock Afternoon when the water is partially frozen head the same way you would get to the gas room past the complex down the road from where you begin, but use the ice to continue around the bend and there will be a safe half-submerged in the water with this note inside. It has the code for the Karl’s Bay boatsman’s safe which can be found in the furthest building at the docks of Kar's Bay. 



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