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Welcome to Blackreef Island in Deathloop. This new game from Arkane and Bethesda follows the story of Colt Vahn trapped in a looping day. Blackreef Island is made up of four different areas; The Complex, Fristad Rock, Updaam, and Karl's Bay. In this Deathloop Karl's Bay District Guide we'll go over at what times of day different Visionaries are present when you can collect important information, and what other opportunities might arise. This guide will remain as spoiler-free as possible for the larger storyline of Deathloop.

The collectibles and notes listed below will only include those that include important information for the Deathloop story, or those that include codes. If you're only interested in learning about where to get codes from them be sure to head to our Deathloop Combination Guide.

Deathloop Karl's Bay District Guide Location

Fristad Rock is another bustling center of residential and business spaces on Blackreef Island. What used to be a Sea Port is now a combination of tourist attractions, experiments, and art installations. While this location isn't always accessible when it is there's plenty happening.


Deathloop Karl's Bay District Guide - Visionary Leads

Morning: You can find Harriet in Hanger 2 by the water in the Morning. This is the only place you can ever find Harriet so make it count!

There are no other Visionaries present for the rest of the day in Karl's Bay but you can use Karl's Bay as a way of earning four different Trophies that require you to enter an area, kill all Visionaries, and leave without alerting anyone, using a gun, or even having a loadout equipped. If you're interested in taking these four difficult trophies and making them substantially easier for yourself you can check out our Deathloop Four "...Kill all Visionaries..." Trophy Guide


Deathloop Karl's Bay District Guide - Arsenal Leads

Super Shifty

Arriving in Karl's Bay in the Evening you'll be able to play another of the Charlie Montague games, this one is called Reward Scheme. Winning it will earn you a special shotgun. Taking part in this event and winning is also one of the multiple steps towards the A Charlie Montague Game Trophy.


Deathloop Karl's Bay District Guide - Other Activities

Sinking plane (Afternoon)

In the afternoons, once some ice has begun forming, there's a few Eternalists that try looting a plane sinking into the reef. To find the plane travel to Karl's Bay in the afternoon and take the right exit out of the tunnels, you will find yourself in a garage/workshop. Leave this place and immediately look to the right over the water to see the plane. Jump or teleport across the ice and fight off some Eternalists to collect a reward.


The Yerhva Fortune Teller

This robot will ask you a series of 10 questions that you need to answer correctly. The order of the questions is random and all have to do with the AEON Foundation, other Visionaries, or the history of Blackreef Island. If you aren't interested in scouring Karl's Bay and the rest of the Island for all of the relevant information then you can check out our handy Deathloop Queen of Riddles Answer Guide. Answering all answers correctly will also get you one step closer to the A Charlie Montague Game Trophy.

Deathloop Karl's Bay District Guide Haul A Quinn
All I need is a head, a battery, and a little elbow grease!

The Haul-a-Quinn

Another interesting robot is the Haul-a-Quinn. This robot can be found right near the entrance of Karl's Bay but requires a battery to power it. To get a battery in this District you need to send one via the Delivery Box, the Deathloop Safe Code guide has how to get the combination. The Haul-a-Quinn also seems to be missing a head, but it looks like there's one in the locked room of the Big Smiley Building.

If you don't have time to unlock a Delivery Box then from the entrance to the district head left through the gardens of perception, once through look out for an open window in a building above you. Head through the window and past some traps and you'll be able to locate a battery here. Thanks @mcanus21 on Twitter for finding this!

When you put a battery into the Haul-a-Quinn you'll get a purple Trinket, and reattaching the head will get you a purple gun.



Fathoms of Lament Building

While you can't access it turning the Morning if you return to Karl's Bay in the Evening this building will be open for you to explore.


Big Smiley Building (Morning)

Inside this building is a locked door with a note referencing that the owner is going to be sacrificed and that he normally opens up the shop in the afternoon. If only there was a way to make sure that he survives that long?

Deathloop Karl's Bay District Guide Locked Door
Ugh, there's just Colt splattered everywhere!


Deathloop Karl's Bay District Guide - Important Notes and Collectibles

There are a number of notes that you'll pick up over the course of the story in Karl's Bay



Here are some other important collectibles in the area

  • A Heckin' Good Plan (Any Time)
    • Exit out from the far door of Colt’s tunnels and you should end up on a cliffside past some sparking electricity. On a box to the right you’ll find this note, this will also net you a discovery.
  • There are a large number of notes in this area that will all give Colt and you as the player more knowledge about the island, how the AEON Foundation came to Blackreef, and who is behind aspects of the game like the Slabs. The information contained in these notes is what will help with the Fortune Teller trivia game.


You can find one set of Minicom Logs adventuring through Karl's Bay.

  • In the room that Harriet retreats to after you've been noticed in Hanger 2 you'll find Harriet's minicom

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