Resident Evil Village House Beneviento Guide

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Resident Evil Village House Beneviento

The bulk of Resident Evil Village sees Ethan Winters taking on the Four Lords of the village, trying to obtain each of the lord’s vials. After escaping Castle Dimitrescu you’ll visit House Beneviento, the domain of the second lord. Once you reach the basement of the house Ethan is sent on one heck of a trip and forced to solve a lengthy puzzle to escape. Luckily, it just takes some piecing together to figure out the order of everything. 

Resident Evil Village House Beneviento — Escaping the Basement

In the final room of the basement the light will turn off and Ethan will lose all his weapons. At this point look at the wooden doll on the operating table in front of you, which happens to be a doll of Mia. You can examine different parts of the body by focusing on them. Stars off by focusing on the left hand and you’ll be able to pull off the Blood Covered Ring.

Resident Evil Village House Beneviento

Now grab the left leg and while examining it move up to the joint, this will let you pull off the leg and find the Winding Key. Finally, grab the right arm and remove the forearm, but put it down as you don’t need it yet.  shoulder and pull off a panel to reveal the Silver Key, which you can then use to unlock the door on the top left side of the room. 

Now you’ll be in some kind of medical room with a sink. Go up and turn the sink on then examine it again and choose the Blood Covered Ring when the menu pops up to wash it off. Open your inventory and examine the ring itself. You’ll need to flip the ring around so you can see the underside of where the diamond is, with the numbers 05 29 11. This is the code you need to unlock the door where you first came in, so head back to the previous room and do that now.

Resident Evil Village House Beneviento

Head down the hall and a door on your left will open. As creepy as that is head inside and find Ethan’s wedding music box on the table, which you can use the Winding Key on. You need to line the slots up on the box so the scratches fit together, as seen in the image below. This rewards you with a pair of tweezers, so head all the way back to the doll of Mia and open its mouth.

Using the tweezers will give you a piece of film that you need to take to the room all the way back next to the elevator you came down in. The note next to the film reel will give you a hint, so put the film in and here’s the correct order; monkey doll, village of shadows book, picture of rose, picture of music box, picture of wedding ring. Head through the new opening, grab the scissors, and use them to cut the bandages blocking your path. 

Resident Evil Village House Beneviento

You guessed it, you’re heading back to the doll of Mia once again. Follow the hall to the end and unlock the door, opening the way back into the medical room and then the doll room. Cut the bandages off of the doll and remove the giant wooden piece in her chest.

At this point you need two other pieces of info, so examine the left eye and make a note of the symbol. Grab the left arm you took off before and make a note of that symbol as well. Turn around, and facing the door, head down the dark hallway on the end to a door with three symbols. Turn the bottom piece to the three closed eyes, the top left piece to the flying bird facing right, and then insert the top right piece. 

Resident Evil Village House Beneviento

Things are starting to get really creepy, but climb down the well and grab the breaker box key at the bottom. Climb back up and, yet again, go all the way to the first elevator. As you go down the hall, however, a disgusting baby creature will attack you, so turn around and run back to the doll room, then the medical room, and the next hallway, then back through the hold where you cut the bandages off. Head through the room then look right to see the breaker box.

Open it and take the Relief of a Child. Head back through the hold with the bandages then keep left in the hallway to see a door where you can fit the relief. Head through the door on the left, through a kitchen, then down another hall and into a bedroom. At the back of the room you’ll find a box with a fuse.

Resident Evil Village House Beneviento

As you try to leave this area the baby will appear once again. Run back to the fuse box room and go to the opposite side of the bed from the door. Look down at the bed and you can hide under it. Wait for the baby to barge into the room. As soon as the baby moves to the side of the bed get out and make a break for it. You’ll need to go through the doll room again, but run back to the elevator, insert the fuse, and jump in just in time. Now you can leave this hellscape behind and do a quick little boss battle. 

Dealing With the Boss

You’ll need to find the doll in the white dress three times to finally clear House Beneviento. The first location is up the stairs, through the door at the end, and on the floor by the bed. Interact to stab it. Go back down the stairs, through the door on the right, and through the alcove on the right. The doll is on the floor next to a bunch of other ones. For the final time head out the door you came through, then take a right and find the doll right on the floor. Take a breath, it’s over. 

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