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Our Potion Permit Money-Making Guide will tell you all of the ways you can earn Gold and the best way to make money in the game!

How to Make Money in Potion Permit

We'll kick off our Potion Permit Money-Making Guide by detailing all of the ways you can bring in some cash.

Here's how you can make money in Potion Permit:

  1. Heal Villagers at the Clinic - Diagnosing and treating Villagers with Potions will earn you a decent amount of Gold, especially if the diseases require more complex Potions. You'll get a small bonus on top of the value of the Potions. Additionally, you'll get 1 Moon Clover -- a useful item for rapidly increasing Friendship with other people.
  2. Complete Tasks (Quests) - Completing Tasks will occasionally award you with a small sum of Gold. While these bonuses are certainly nice, it's not really a reliable way of earning money.
  3. Complete Community Board Requests - Every day, several requests to deliver items will be placed on the Community Board in the Town Hall. This is a great way to unload excess items and make some quick cash. You'll also often get an additional bonus item such as a piece of Food.
  4. Sell Potions - Once you've played for a bit, you'll unlock the Post Drop Box which allows you to sell up to 6 Potions every day. You'll get paid automatically in the evening. You can upgrade the capacity of the Post Drop Box. Be forewarned -- you cannot retrieve any Potions you put in the Post Drop Box!
  5. Do Part-Time Work - Successfully finishing Part-Time Work will net you a cool 125 Gold at the cost of two hours of your time -- as long as you successfully finish the work, that is.

Potion Permit Money-Making Guide - Best Way to Make Money in Potion Permit

Best Way to Make Money in Potion Permit

The best way to make money in Potion Permit is by selling Potions. (Big surprise, that!) A fully upgraded Post Drop Box filled with 24 Beat Reagent can net you a cool 12,000 Gold.

That number, of course, reflects the best-case scenario -- realistically, you won't be able to farm enough Materials to make that many of the same Potion every day. You can, however, sell a variety of high-priced Potions and still turn a tidy profit.

Don't forget the golden rule of Potion Permit -- always hold onto a few of every ingredient just in case you wake up to a lot of sick people. You don't want to have 6 full Clinic Beds the next day and nothing to make Potions with! (Besides, late-game patients can easily pay out close to 1,000 Gold if you cure them.)

That's the end of our Potion Permit Money-Making Guide. Why not check out some of our other guides below?

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