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This Potion Permit Part-Time Work will tell you how Part-Time Work... works. And also how you can use it to make 375 Gold on a good day.

What is Part-Time Work in Potion Permit?

Potion Permit Part-Time Work is a set of three activities that you can do to earn some quick Gold. While the pay isn't great, there are some nice bonuses you can earn if you repeatedly do jobs a few times.

Each Part-Time Work job can be done once per day (unless the location is closed). If you fail to complete the task, you will not get paid and you will not get a second chance -- make sure you get it right the first time! Fortunately, these little side jobs are pretty easy.

There are three Part-Time Work opportunities available at most, each of which awards 125 Gold upon completion. That means you can net a cool 375 Gold if you can successfully do all three. That's not a lot of money, but it's decent cash when you're at the very beginning of the game and you're struggling for funds. (You can learn how to make the big bucks by reading our Money-Making Guide.)

Potion Permit Part-Time Work Guide - Task Failed Successfully
Fail to complete a Part-Time Work job and you won't get paid. Also, you'll probably feel kinda bad because these side jobs are super easy.

How to Do Potion Permit Part-Time Work Jobs

You can do part-time jobs in Potion Permit by visiting either the Church, Town Hall, or the Police Station during their normal operating hours as detailed in our Map.

Each Part-Time Work job features a different minigame -- here's what to expect.

Church - Grinding Grapes

Potion Permit Part-Time Work Guide - Church Grinding Grapes

  • Grind 10 Sacks of Grapes in 15 seconds or less.

Mash the heck out of the button on screen to spin the grinder. That's really all you have to do for this one. That's also probably why you only get 15 seconds to do it instead of 30 seconds like you do with the other two jobs.

Post Office - Packing Boxes

Potion Permit Part-Time Work Guide - Town Center Post Office Packing Boxes

  • Pack 7 Boxes in 30 seconds or less.

For this Part-Time Work, you'll have to push button combinations in order to fold up packages correctly. It's a bit like Diagnosis minus having to wait for the arrows to scroll into a window.

Police Station - Sorting Ink Bottles

Potion Permit Part-Time Work Guide - Police Station Sorting Ink Bottles

  • Sort 20 Ink Bottles in 30 seconds or less.

Some silly person (probably Dean, if we're being honest) mixed up empty and full Ink Bottles. Sort a total of 20 bottles by sending them to either the left or right piles.

We're all done with this Potion Permit Part-Time Work Guide! Please do have a look at some of our other guides below!

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